Mercy Innovates Healthcare With VMware Technologies

Mercy, an integrated healthcare organization headquartered in Missouri, is made up of 44 hospitals, with more than 700 physician and outpatient facilities serving more than millions of patients a year. By having VMware enable their move from an IT cost center to an IT partner with the business, Mercy is able to be become a better partner and provider to patients.

HIMSS Nicolas E. Davies Award
With the help of VMware technology, Mercy has been able to revolutionize the way it helps its patients.

Recently, Mercy was awarded the HIMSS Nicolas E. Davies Award for achieving great feats like reducing pneumonia mortality rates to less than half the national average, and decreasing the time to deliver a diuretic to heart failure patients by three hours.

Supported by VMware technology and working with other partners like SAP, Mercy was able to utilize its Epic EHR data along with other surgical procedure data to the fullest, achieving a $33 million cost reduction. Other benefits include eliminating or minimizing the use of certain surgical products, reducing variation in surgical protocols, establishing best practices across surgical departments, and ensuring quality post-operative results for patients. VMware technology also positions Mercy to use its data to run analytics, gathering intelligence on health trends. This enables Mercy to better serve its own patient population, and allows it to offer this information as a service to other health organizations.

Mercy Bedside
Another innovative initiative Mercy runs is the Mercy Bedside program. Mercy Bedside is a tablet-based application that patients can download on their personal tablet or on a loaner from the hospital. The application offers enhanced patient education on medicines, treatments, procedures, lab results, and trends related to the patient’s case. Also included is a daily schedule of therapies, as well as team photos and biographies of the healthcare practitioners assisting them.

The application, which is protected and provisioned by VMware AirWatch, allows staff to be readily available to answer patient questions at any time, and allows patients to personalize it with their information, take audio notes, add family visits to their calendar, and learn more about their condition.

Cloud Hosting
Mercy has expanded leveraging technology to branch out beyond even the hospitals and health centers as well. With a new health care cloud hosting platform (made possible through the VMware Cloud Provider Program), Mercy gives users control over their IT budget while standardizing their application infrastructure under one HIPAA-compliant umbrella. Additional features include fail-safe protection, Mercy’s Disaster Recovery process to ensure business continuity and access to Mercy’s Data Center that can withstand an EF2 tornado and transfer the entire contents of the Library of Congress in under 6.5 seconds.

The Future of Mercy
As Mercy continues to incorporate technology into its daily practices, more and more patients are able to reap the benefits of the hospital’s innovations. Mercy plans on continuing its work with data analytics, integrating it even more into the organization’s workflow in order to have real-time decision support. This technology helps take the friction points out of the care process, improving healthcare as a whole.

Learn more about how Mercy changes the patient experience through technology in the video below.