The Next Big Leap: Micro-segmentation and Security Today

This is the second in a series of three articles and videos featuring Tom Corn, SVP of security products, discussing the present and future of cybersecurity.

In the seemingly intractable war against cybercrime, virtualization promises to reshape and even reinvent the very geography of the threat landscape. It offers this hope because it opens the door to using powerful tools, most notably micro-segmentation, to significantly enhance the protection of applications and services inside the data center.

Better Visibility. Greater Control.

The use of micro-segmentation radically improves a network’s ability to prevent attacks by allowing the creation of a least-privilege environment around an application. “Micro-segmentation opened the door,” says Tom Corn, VMware’s senior vice president of security products, “to create far better visibility and control inside that environment.” The result reduces the attack surface, simplifies security, and improves the ability to detect anomalies. As Corn says, “It’s had the single best impact on preventative measures that we’ve had in a long time.”

Solving the Encryption Challenge

Micro-segmentation, and more broadly network virtualization, are also simplifying another weapon in the security arsenal: encryption. It is no secret that encryption is an incredibly effective tool for protecting sensitive data—at rest, in use, or in flight. But that effectiveness has been limited because of the complexity of managing encryption, and encryption keys. In a micro-segmented environment, however, virtualization “opens the door to let us do some magical things,” says Corn, “including the ability to turn encryption into a simple ‘check-box’ on an application or micro-segment.”

In the relentless war enterprises are fighting today against cybercrime, the capabilities of VMware NSX® network virtualization enable a huge leap forward in prevention: one that promises, as Corn concludes, “far fewer attacks in the future, and a much simpler environment to manage.”

Watch the video to hear more from Tom Corn about today’s biggest security problem and to learn about VMware’s architectural solution.