Protecting Data Centers from the Inside: VMware NSX Micro-Segmentation

The recent rash of cyber security breaches at well-known retail companies and government websites have made it excruciatingly clear that businesses today need a better solution to network and data security. Research shows that more than 30 percent of data center outages are caused by cyber attacks, and a 60-minute outage can cost businesses upwards of half a million dollars.

In addition to these data breaches, one of the biggest challenges enterprises face today is the ability to quickly and cost-effectively deliver new services to the business. These services come in the form of new apps that need to be accessed via the network by a variety of users on a multitude of devices. The major bottleneck to delivering these services has always been networking and security—until now.

Traditionally, perimeter-centric security models govern most data centers, and if the perimeter is breached, there are no internal controls to prevent lateral attacks. An approach called micro-segmentation limits the spread of attacks inside the data center, but until recently, it was cost-prohibitive and operationally infeasible. VMware NSX micro-segmentation, not only adopts such an approach, but also delivers the operational agility of network virtualization that is the foundation of a modern digital business. Forrester Research calls this “Zero Trust,” and NSX micro-segmentation embodies this approach.

Typically, these new devices and applications run on different clouds using different technologies. NSX enables customers to build, run, manage, and secure their applications across all clouds—private, public, managed, or hybrid clouds. Virtual cloud networking, the new approach to networking, extends this even further, helping enterprise IT manage and secure apps and data from the data center to the cloud to the edge.

In effect, VMware is doing for networking and security what it did for server virtualization—addressing traditionally hardware-based requirements with software-driven solutions.

Watch the below video to learn about NSX micro-segmentation and security. In addition, dive into the latest innovation in networking security, the VMware Virtual Cloud Network.