Migrate Like a Boss: Unlock Windows 10’s Powerful Features

For the first anniversary of Windows 10, VMware surveyed nearly 600 existing customers and partners and found that although many organizations have migrated to the new platform, a significant number have not. Within the next two years, however, IT expects to migrate and support Windows 10 for 75 percent of users.

Still, surprisingly few organizations indicate they are migrating due to better management features, new enterprise mobility management (EMM) capabilities, or support for new application types. Windows 10 is an operating system that can significantly improve IT management but, according to the survey, most IT departments don’t fully grasp the complete set of capabilities for EMM, security, and enterprise data protection. Here’s what they’re missing!

Enterprise Mobility Management

Windows 10 enables new EMM capabilities, such as enterprise data protection, conditional access, and out-of-box enrollment, which can dramatically streamline deployments by eliminating staging areas. Further, when customers use Windows 10 with a product like VMware AirWatch—which was again named a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for EMM—they will happily discover that one solution can now manage all their devices.

Better Security

The surge in cyber attacks is an ever-present issue for organizations. Attackers use increasingly sophisticated means to conduct identity theft and to steal sensitive corporate or government data. Microsoft’s Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (WDATP) is a new security feature that mitigates the increasing threat of cyber attacks. WDATP leverages Microsoft’s internal research and security partner network to help IT react to the millions of daily cyber threats. VMware AirWatch helps IT manage the lifecycle of onboarding into and removing devices from WDATP.

Enterprise Data Protection

One of the most powerful features in the latest Windows 10 update is Windows Information Protection (WIP). WIP allows end users to clearly separate their personal data from work data while enabling IT admins to protect and secure enterprise data.

Using VMware AirWatch, IT admins can both protect company data and manage employees’ privacy concerns over personal data. An admin can define a list of Windows Store or Desktop Win32 applications that may access work data, and can easily allow or exempt applications from WIP. Admins can then define enterprise data sources, for which the Windows OS automatically encrypts any data coming from a defined IP range, cloud resource, or enterprise domain.

The Big Migration

Windows 10 represents a fundamental shift in the way enterprises manage devices, apps, and operating system environments—while still ensuring the desktop remains critical. Combining EMM and legacy management technologies within the same platform has wide-reaching management implications to unify both desktop and mobile management under one model.

VMware provides management solutions regardless of where a company is in its Windows 10 deployment. Windows 10 is a step forward, and pairing it with products such as VMware’s AirWatch enables better device management, more dynamic user management, and improved enterprise data protection.