NetReflections With Bruce Davie: The Disruption Imperative

This is the first in a series of four articles and videos featuring VMware’s Bruce Davie, CTO,  APJ, discussing the future of networking and the role of networking in digital transformation.

Digital transformation promises to fundamentally reshape virtually every aspect of how an organization manages and operates its business. Just as profound are the implications of digital transformation to an organization’s networking operations and IT department—people, processes, and culture. But despite the enormous amount of attention it receives, digital transformation is still not entirely understood. Fundamental questions include: What’s driving digital disruption? Why is it important? What is the reality of digital transformation today? What are its implications to the future of networking?

New Technologies and Digital Disruption

According to Bruce Davie, “There are two reasons why digital transformation is important.” The first reason, Davie says, is that technologies exist today that make it far easier for organizations to change the way they do business. Organizations can leverage digital technologies, such as containers and microservice architectures, and the agility of cloud infrastructure to facilitate the digital transformation of their own networking environment and business operations.

The second factor adding renewed urgency to digital transformation today is “the imperative to disrupt yourself before somebody else disrupts you,” Davie states. He points out that the corporate landscape is “littered” with the remains of companies that failed to recognize the impact of digital disruption in their markets.

A More Complex Heterogeneous World

Davie says the vast majority of organizations recognize that they need to start moving toward more modern development methodologies and deploy modern, distributed, and cloud-native applications. But that places many challenges on the network.  

The major challenge is the need to figure out how to leverage the new digital technologies while maintaining all of the core, mission-critical business applications upon which the business depends. In the past, the networking environment was fairly homogeneous. “Now, it’s a much more complex and heterogeneous world,” Davie concludes, “that IT needs to manage.”

View the video below to learn more from Bruce Davie about the state of digital transformation today, and read his Office of the CTO blog post, in which he reflects on his first four months as VMware’s CTO, APJ.