Networking in the Fast Lane: future:net Returns to Las Vegas

Last year’s inaugural future:net conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, generated great buzz. This year’s follow-up is proving, once again, to be a hot ticket.

Best and Brightest

At future:net, networking’s brightest minds converge to form a community of big ideas and sharpened insight. Future-oriented representatives from some of the tech industry’s most innovative companies come together in a spirit of corporate neutrality and mutual self-interest to discuss the evolution of the industry and to devise ways to push it forward. The invite-only event is conversational in tone and intimate enough for leaders to open up about potential issues they see in the future, conversing freely with peers who share similar responsibilities and a common point-of-view.

A Look Back

Last year’s future:net event reinforced software-defined networking (SDN) as a legitimate market force.

Over time, SDN has matured from a concept to a viable reality for the enterprise. As adoption has grown from innovators to more mainstream use, companies selling SDN solutions are achieving sustainable revenue streams. The technology has now matured from an abstract idea into one that is deeply defined and delivering value for market leaders.

This is an exciting time to be in networking.

Pere Monclus


“The most significant barrier to organizations adopting these new networking technologies is culture, but that’s starting to change with dramatic developments on how businesses and applications think of connectivity, security, and elasticity as a unified definition of what a network is,” says Pere Monclus, vice president and CTO for the Networking and Security Business Unit at VMware, which is once again sponsoring the event. “We think that bringing people together, in an open discussion, will start to bring down barriers.”

Moore’s Law, as it applies to networking, is also breaking down barriers and opening up new possibilities. In 2016, future:net centered around these emerging solutions and related topics, such as the role of SmartNICs, open source in networking, abstraction, and the need for the industry to invest in more SDN infrastructure and better management tools.

“This is an exciting time to be in networking,” says Monclus. “It hasn’t normally been thought of as a transformative technology, but companies today are pushing what’s possible.”

Looking Ahead

This year’s event, which will be held August 30–31 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas, features a rich variety of panels and talks from both established companies and innovative start-ups, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Uber, Walmart, Broadcom, and Cavium.

Attendees can expect to hear from Peter DeSantis, vice president of AWS; David Cheriton, founder and chief scientist at Apstra; Frans Van Rooyen, infrastructure architect at Adobe; and Peyton Koran, director of integration engineering at Electronic Arts. Themes include vendor-agnostic intent-based networking, container networking, and the impact of cloud computing and open source on networking. Security remains a central theme as well.

“Security will always rate near the top of every enterprise’s priority list. That will never change,” says Monclus, “but new inventions for preventing cyber attacks, like micro-segmentation, have the potential to make the network dramatically more secure.”

For lucky invitees, future:net promises to provide a look ahead of the curve at the network of the future.

Visit the future:net website for more information and to request an invite to attend.