Novamedia Knows NSX Is No Gamble

Novamedia is one of the world’s largest private charity donors, raising billions through lotteries across Europe. Through those charity lotteries, Novamedia processes 8.5 million lottery tickets per month, with €1.4 billion ($1.51 billion USD) passing through its platform.

Since the start of its activities in 1989, Novamedia’s charity lotteries have donated €6.6 billion to 318 charities for people, nature, culture, and health and welfare. It was rated third in the world last year in the London business newspaper City A.M.’s World Charity Index, which features the top 20 global private charity donors. The index is researched and ranked by Prof. Dr. Theo Schuyt, Professor of Philanthropic Studies at VU University Amsterdam and Chair of the European Research Network on Philanthropy, and his team.

With that kind of money floating around, security is not an option—it’s essential.

When Dharminder Debisarun, Novamedia’s head of IT, started investigating software-defined data centers last year, at first he couldn’t find any vendors who could deliver the entire stack he needed. Then he discovered VMware.

“We needed flexibility and security,” he said, “and we found it in the VMware solution.”

“Our business model is based on trust and security,” he went on. “And of course, NSX is one of the biggest parts of this, to get the data center secured enough. The platform has to be secure, and NSX secures it for us.”

He said that every virtual machine (VM) is firewalled, isolated, and segmented, both to secure the environment from hackers, and to keep any hacker who manages to get in from moving around the infrastructure.

“NSX is the blueprint for the whole company,” Debisarun stated. “It makes life easier. Things can happen in seconds and minutes that previously took hours or days. That’s a big advantage when you are in a dynamic environment. I am confident that NSX is going to be an industry standard.”

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