Overwhelming Market Enthusiasm From Early Customers Discussing the Value of VMware Cloud on AWS

Ever since VMware and Amazon Web Services (AWS), respective market leaders for the private and public cloud, announced they were partnering together on a joint solution for enterprise customers, anticipation in the marketplace has been high. Last year, the result of the companies’ collaboration, VMware Cloud on AWS, was launched in the U.S. in Northern Virginia and Oregon. Now, the two companies have expanded globally, and the VMware Cloud on AWS service is available to European and multinational customers in the AWS London region. Early North American VMware Cloud on AWS customers share their enthusiasm for the solution in the videos below.

Managing Across the Stitches
As businesses increase their use of cloud computing and utilize multiple cloud providers, they naturally experience increased complexity and risk associated with diverse infrastructures, management tools, and processes. VMware estimates that nearly two-thirds of the market will utilize two or more cloud service providers in addition to their on-premises data centers.

Multiple tools provide a wider variety of solutions to meet business needs, but as solutions are weaved together, the challenge of managing across the “stitches” that hold them together arises, and users run into issues with compatibility, interoperability, and security. VMware Cloud on AWS is designed to address many of these concerns.

“VMware’s strategy is all about providing flexibility for enterprises and giving them lots of choices where to run workloads,” says Chris Wolf, chief technology officer for global field and industry at VMware. “Our customers want to leverage a variety of clouds, but they want security, consistency, and control. And they don’t want to take on any unnecessary risk.”

“VMware has helped ACI Specialty Benefits really go in and manage our global solutions and global infrastructure at a much faster rate,” says Ryan Fay, global CIO for ACI Specialty Benefits, a top-ranked global benefits provider. “Before, we were flying out hardware to different sites, globally, and were making sure the hardware was compatible with the software being used. Now the hardware choices are agnostic. We no longer care what’s being run, from a physical level. All we care about is that we have VMware running on top of that, and it works.”

New Services and Partners
In addition to announcing European availability and new capabilities for VMware Cloud on AWS, VMware continues to build out its ecosystem of solutions with expanded services and partners.

New solutions include the ability to migrate workloads across private cloud environments and also the capability to deliver detailed assessments for migrating workloads to VMware Cloud on AWS. These assessments calculate both the capacity and cost of running apps in private or public clouds.

“We’re running a pretty big container infrastructure as well. We’re able to say, ‘If this container were pushed out to AWS, what’s it going to cost us?’” says Fay.

Easing People and Process Changes
A key advantage for VMware Cloud on AWS customers is their ability to retain and extend investments in staff and technology.

“VMware’s helped ACI stay ahead of the curve by not only coming out with new and innovative technologies, but also helping us integrate the current technologies we’re using,” adds Fay.

“Our customers are really looking for ways they can continue to leverage the existing investments in VMware and to improve the delivery of services or broaden product sets,” says Brian Eichman, director of cloud ecosystem for CoreSite, a North American company that delivers secure, reliable, high-performance data center and interconnection solutions.

Other VMware Cloud on AWS customers agree. “For a vSphere administrator, all the skills that he or she has developed over the last year—the last decade—immediately transfer to AWS because the interface is the same,” says Vic Barra, lead architect vSphere platform for Cerner Corporation, an American supplier of health information technology solutions, services, devices, and hardware. “It’s smooth, quick, and easy. That’s really what we want.”

The customer-focused reputation of both AWS and VMware gives businesses confidence that they’ll be able to grow with changes in technologies.

“ACI Specialty Benefits is going to keep moving along with VMware,” says Fay. “We’re integrating a lot of solutions on our own with AWS. Now with VMware Cloud on AWS, we’re going to allow VMware to do a lot of the heavy lifting for us. We’re going to be able to transition those workloads to VMware Cloud on AWS to assure that, now, it doesn’t matter if we’re in a private cloud or a public cloud. VMware’s going to be that constant layer that’s going to allow us to scale out rapidly. We no longer have to worry about the nuances of what APIs we’re going to use because VMware is going to work on that for us now.”

“VMware Cloud on AWS is a great offering that is going to be very advantageous for many reasons for us,” says Eric Lee, technology architect for Cerner.

Watch the videos below to learn more about how VMware Cloud on AWS benefits Cerner Corporation, ACI Specialty Benefits and CoreSite.