Pat Gelsinger at Mobile World Congress 2016

This past week the eighth annual Mobile World Congress took place in Barcelona, Spain. Mobile World Congress is a conference and exhibition for the most exciting, pioneering technology in the mobile industry. VMware’s own CEO Pat Gelsinger attended the event, and VMware TV caught up with him to discuss digital businesses, network function virtualization, and the opportunities of virtualization in the network.

Today, there is much conversation around the risks and opportunities of having a digital business. Transforming to a digital business environment is a goal for many, and having a digital workspace is very much aligned with this vision. As Gelsinger says, having a digital business allows companies to compete at a higher level, attract talent, and present more services to its customers.

Another up-and-coming opportunity lies in network function virtualization. In terms of the data center, Gelsinger says that VMware is “80 percent penetrated, 80 percent market share,” meaning that VMware has a strong presence in data center virtualization. Conversely, nobody has won virtualizing the telco space. Telco remains an untapped market with no clear industry leader, which makes it an anticipated area for companies vying for market share.

Telco service providers demand a lot, and service levels are critical. Gelsinger expressed excitement over the strategy to apply data center–proven VMware technology to virtualizing the network. Says Gelsinger, “It’s a slow moving market [but] when you win, you win and have a sticky relationship that can last for decades.”

As the industry evolves, partnerships evolve as well. Key relationships that worked well in the past may have no place in the new landscape. Mobile World Congress is a fantastic opportunity to learn about new technologies and companies. Gelsinger says that Mobile World Congress plays a critical part in keeping key partnerships of the past and forging relationships for the future.

Watch the video to hear more from Gelsinger at Mobile World Congress.