VMware Introduces Latest Versions of Fusion and Workstation

Today, VMware announced the latest versions of its personal desktop products: the VMware Fusion and VMware Workstation family of solutions.

VMware Fusion celebrates its 10th anniversary of delivering enterprise-quality Windows virtualization on Mac. VMware Fusion 10 Pro, designed for technical professionals that want to build, test and demonstrate Mac, Windows and Linux applications on a Mac, will include advanced capabilities that continue to evolve the solution to support technical professionals and developers including support for REST APIs and integration with VMware Photon OS. VMware Fusion 10 designed for personal use, will offer Touch Bar support, enhanced GPU and 3D graphics performance, and an updated user interface (UI) to leverage the latest innovations in Mac.

VMware Workstation solutions are designed to enable multiple operating systems to run as virtual machines on a single Windows or Linux PC. VMware Workstation™ 14 Pro will offer advanced features that streamline processes and productivity for IT professionals and developers with greater networking and data center management capabilities. VMware Workstation 14 Player™ will introduce expanded capabilities designed for enterprises looking for a simple and streamlined solution for running corporate desktops on standard issue or bring your own (BYO) PCs.

For more information on personal desktop products and today’s news about Fusion or Workstation, visit the VMware Newsroom:

VMware Celebrates 10 Years of Delivering Industry-Leading Innovations in Mac Virtualization with VMware Fusion 10