The Three Phases of Enterprise Cloud Adoption

Explaining the three phases of enterprise cloud adoption—pollyanna, paranoia, pragmatism—VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger and CloudHealth CEO Tom Axbey discuss their vision for the enterprise multi-cloud future. Each phase expresses the general sentiment toward the new technology for the enterprise, balancing the need for agility with demand for stability.

  1. Initially, enterprise IT decision makers had concerns about security, so there was a general paranoia toward the cloud’s ability to resist data breaches.
  2. Then, the rose-tinted glasses of pollyanna preached a utopia where everything lived in the cloud simply, safely and securely.
  3. Finally, we reach pragmatism, the phase where enterprise IT is today. This sees IT leaders experiment with both hybrid and native public clouds, using a combination of different cloud providers including Azure, Google, AWS and VMware Cloud on AWS.

VMware’s acquisition of CloudHealth brings into the VMware family an industry-leading solution for managing multi-cloud environments including hybrid clouds such as VMware Cloud on AWS and native public clouds including AWS, Azure and Google.

Unify Multi-Cloud Operations

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