The Power of Giving Back Together

Our culture of Community is as integral to who we are as our culture of Innovation. In this spirit of ingenuity and community, we—VMware people—are celebrating each other, our company, and what is possible when we invest in human potential.

To catalyze the power of Giving Back Together, we are collaborating with, a global microfinance nonprofit that leverages the power of technology to connect people to capital through microloans. Through a worldwide network of microfinance institutions, Kiva invites people to lend as little as $25 to invest in potential—entrepreneurs who have ideas and drive to improve their communities. This is the power of ingenuity. 

If you give a person a fish, he eats for a day. If you teach a person to fish, he eats for life. If you help a person buy a motor for his boat, he can catch fish to sell and help not just himself but his family.

Ben Ram, Senior Manager, CTO Office

At VMware, we believe that individual actions matter and that by coming together as a community we can make a big difference. So, this holiday season, every VMware person will have the opportunity to make a difference by activating a microloan in support of global social entrepreneurship.

Citizen Philanthropy

The mission of the VMware Foundation is to amplify employees’ personal passions for the causes closest to their hearts. Through this Citizen Philanthropy approach to giving, VMware people choose where and how they give, and their contributions add up to our community’s collective impact. Through Giving Back Together, we continue to expand our giving network by connecting with social entrepreneurs around the world.

In the spirit of Citizen Philanthropy, VMware people are invited to include others to join our global giving network. When VMware people activate their microloan, they’ll receive a second microloan to share the gift of inspiration with a family member or friend. This is an opportunity, this holiday season, for the people of VMware to express their gratitude by sharing it with someone who inspires them.

The Power of Community: Collective Impact

The collective impact of our VMware Community begins with a single microloan. We invite you to join us in Giving Back Together by visiting to lend funds to a global social entrepreneur. According to Kiva, 98.5% of loans are repaid—and when the loans are repaid, you’ll have an opportunity to relend those funds to another borrower. You can also give the gift of inspiration with a gift card for a special friend, colleague, or family member.

We believe that actions matter because big things have small beginnings. This holiday season, let’s start something big!

Join us in Giving Back Together and make a Kiva microloan.