Public Sector Innovation Summit 2017

Innovation is the driving force within Silicon Valley and for companies such as VMware. Our approach today is guided by what we will be doing tomorrow, and the pace with which we approach tomorrow’s innovation is accelerating more quickly now than ever before.

This year’s Public Sector Innovation Summit, presented by VMware in partnership with FedScoop, will take place in Washington, D.C. The second annual conference will convene the top minds from the public and private sectors to tackle high-priority issues from cost-effective cloud security to mobility solutions and explore new areas of development including big security and transforming IT environments.

VMware remains active as a key enabler of agencies’ digital transformation. Our executives will moderate these sessions, connecting innovators and technologists with leaders in government to discuss advancing technology in the public sector.

The virtualization of IT architecture primes an influx of added agility, scalability and security readiness across all levels of government. It empowers agencies to bring innovation like hybrid cloud, hyper-convergence and the micro-segmentation of networks to bear in pursuing their unique and diverse organizational missions.

The capabilities of software-defined technology in the networking, computing and storage layers are universally related in their expansion of technological agility. Such flexibility, in turn, supports greater mobility for the workforce, greater control and security, and greater collaboration across all sectors and geographic boundaries. This is evidenced by the burgeoning First Responder Network Authority – the first broadband network established for first responders for effective communications during emergency situations. It is exactly this type of innovation that is transforming how our society runs, bringing the brilliant engineers of the future into the fold of civil service.

Despite the benefits virtualization affords, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to innovation that can effectively blanket public sector IT. Ongoing, two-way communications between private sector vendors like VMware and our public-sector customers, cooperating agencies and system integration partners is vital to future innovation. The Public Sector Innovation Summit provides just this type of open forum.

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