Realizing a Simpler Path to OpenStack

The impact that the application development community is having on current approaches to IT is astounding, and one thing is apparent—developers don’t want to deal with the data center infrastructure directly. OpenStack has emerged as a framework that provides application development teams with API-based, programmatic access to the infrastructure.

But organizations have found deploying OpenStack can be time and resource intensive, and the underlying infrastructure does not always meet their requirements for security, resilience and performance. Once deployed, an OpenStack cloud can require ongoing consultant support, hard-to-find OpenStack experts or considerable staff education and training in order to maintain operations. IT has also lacked the critical management capabilities to ensure ongoing success of sophisticated OpenStack production deployments in the enterprise.

This is where VMware Integrated OpenStack comes in.

The solution has been designed to address many of the cost and deployment challenges associated with enterprise-class OpenStack clouds. VMware Integrated OpenStack will enable you to quickly and cost-effectively provide developers with open, cloud-style APIs to access VMware infrastructure.

One early adopter of VMware Integrated OpenStack is TradeStation, maker of the award-winning trading platform and provider of online financial brokerage services. TradeStation had a large global data center footprint that it was looking to leverage in a new, more strategic way. The company decided to create a self-service private cloud for developers to complement its current use of public cloud services.

TradeStation selected OpenStack as its cloud framework and deployed VMware vSphere and VMware NSX network virtualization as the underpinnings of the private cloud. This developer cloud was up and running in production in less than a month, a testament to the simplicity VMware is bringing to OpenStack.

“After evaluating multiple competing technologies on which to deploy OpenStack, we determined that VMware infrastructure would provide the best enterprise-class capabilities to meet our needs,” said Laurence Vandeyar, senior systems engineer at TradeStation Technologies, Inc. “The combination of vSphere, VMware NSX and OpenStack provides a solution that will give us the most value.”

As always, VMware’s philosophy remains simple: if customers see value in frameworks, we will work to bring our unique capabilities to help customers maximize their value. TradeStation is a perfect example of a company that has built a VMware-powered software-defined data center based on the OpenStack framework to improve business agility and speed to better compete.

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger laid it out best at VMworld, when he said, “Empowered by software-defined technologies, businesses are now able to move with dramatic speed. This ability to drive real impact has made the software-defined data center mainstream among leading businesses. VMware continues to innovate making the software-defined data center more open, secure, and agile.”

When it comes to OpenStack, our objective is simple: ensure customers that the best way to run OpenStack is on VMware infrastructure. Ultimately that’s for customers such as TradeStation and others to decide.