Report: The Impact of a Digitally Empowered Workforce

Today’s enterprises are transforming at a rapid pace: digital ambassadors are replacing tellers in bank branches; HR teams are improving the hiring process by engaging prospective employees earlier and more often; clinicians are updating patient charts at hospital bedsides.

With unprecedented access to computing capabilities, employees are advancing new business and operational models. Most business and IT leaders suspect mobility is driving change, but few have successfully quantified just how much their businesses are benefiting from a digital workspace strategy.

Now “The Impact of a Digitally Empowered Workforce” report provides answers to organizations seeking support for a digital workspace. Using groundbreaking data from the recent survey of more than 2,000 CIOs and frontline employees by Forbes Insights, in association with VMware, businesses can better recognize and measure the impact of enabling their employees across a wide variety of positions with better technology experiences.

Exploring Connections
With data showing how digital workspace technologies positively impact workers and digital transformation, companies can confidently move to a more rewarding business strategy that puts their employees first. They can boost individual access to the business apps employees need, when they need them, thus helping to increase their organization’s overall performance and competitive differentiation.

In addition to highlighting the advantages digital workspaces have over traditional and transitioning workspaces, the report explores critical enterprise connections, including:

  • Culture, Innovation, and a Digital Workspace. Employees learn and improve from mistakes. That makes the ability to fail, recover, and try again critical to success. A digital workspace gives employees the freedom to choose the apps that are best for them to innovate, and solidly positions IT organizations where they might support and deliver all apps with governance in place.
  • Empowering Employees and IT. Organizations want to empower their employees, yet equally ensure IT corporate priorities such as regulation compliance and security are enforced enterprise-wide. A more employee-centric, device-agnostic digital workspace strategy helps IT become more supportive champions of new app deployment, encouraging adoption and innovation without compromising enterprise standards. It’s a win-win for employee choice and IT relationship building as IT becomes part of a conversation about new technologies and apps driving business innovation.
  • Employee Performance and IT Focus. IT is now able to make all of the apps employees want and need available and highly accessible, thereby empowering employees. Moreover, full empowerment requires a relentless focus on employee experience, which can be achieved through a digital workspace that ensures greater freedom of choice. Surprising to some, employee experience-focused IT teams use a digital workspace to eliminate time-consuming, manual tasks without introducing additional IT complexity.

Get the Report
In conjunction with data revealing how the digital workspace changes the way employees work and companies do business, “The Impact of a Digitally Empowered Workforce” report provides important perspective. The sooner organizations accommodate the digital shift and empower employees with easy access to the apps they need, the better it will be for their businesses.

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