SAIC Uses VMware NSX for Cyber Security

Ever-changing cyber threats are a defining feature of today’s global landscape. As the federal systems integration firm for the United States government, the Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) must respond to such threats rapidly and efficiently. Since they require highly aggressive, network-based automation, they deployed VMware NSX for all their national security networks, from the Department of Homeland Security to the Department of Defense to Intelligence.

Coby Holloway is SAIC’s VP of Cloud Computing & Business Transformation. “At SAIC, we view automation technologies and NSX as fundamental to being able to respond to the types of cyber threats we see facing our nation,” he says. “By establishing a security policy via an automated provisioning blueprint, at the front of an application’s life cycle, SDN and automation give us the ability to have that security posture, from firewall services configuration to access to compliance-checking, regardless of how large it gets, how complex it gets, where it moves within the hybrid cloud.”

VMware NSX gives SAIC the ability to reconfigure their network security posture based on the cyber threats they see—in real time. That’s why automation and VMware NSX have become fundamental to SAIC’s next-generation IT, and to remaining prepared for national cybersecurity threats. “We sincerely believe NSX is a key technology in allowing the integration and collaboration of mission and coalition partners to execute the types of engagements that our military is going to be required to execute, now and in the future,” says Holloway. “We are deploying NSX in a very large way.”

Watch the video below to learn more about why SAIC sees automation and VMware NSX as fundamental to next-generation IT and combating our nation’s cybersecurity threats.