The Digital Workspace: Consumer Simplicity Meets Enterprise Security

Any application. Any device. Anywhere. That’s the key to business mobility.

It means that whatever the device, users must have access to the applications they need, whether they’re Windows, web, or mobile based.

“And VMware,” said Sanjay Poonen, executive vice president and general manager of the End-User Computing Business at VMware, “is the only company that can bring those applications to end users in a consumer-simple, enterprise-secure way.”

Consumer-Simple, Enterprise-Secure

People are accustomed to easy-to-use devices, like the Samsung Android phone or the Apple iPad. They also routinely interact with applications like Netflix that are dead-simple to navigate. But often times, their experience at work can be radically different.

In the business world, companies take full advantage of software that is extremely secure, like SAP, WorkDay, or Salesforce, for example. Yet these are not always easy to use—or access.

“Consumer simplicity has to make its way to the enterprise world,” said Poonen. “People expect a simple user experience. And when consumer simplicity meets enterprise security, you get magic. That’s what we’re trying to deliver in the digital workspace.”

A Unified Solution for Business Mobility

VMware is the only vendor with a unified solution for business mobility. Some companies focus on virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), or enterprise mobility management (EMM), or identity management, or mobile productivity applications. A few might build products that combine two or three of these pieces. But VMware’s solution, Workpsace ONE, is the only solution that’s optimized across multiple platforms and devices—iOS, Android, and Windows.

Launched recently, VMware has been using Workspace ONE for several months, and has already seen productivity gains thanks to its ease of use.  

“I love the simplicity of the identity management and authentication process that now provides me access to the 400 applications that VMware uses, 150 of which are SaaS applications,” said Poonen. “I’ve never had that type of experience with single sign-on, multi-factor authentication in both Windows applications and mobile applications. It’s amazing.”

When asked what distinguishes VMware’s digital workspace solution in the competitive market, Poonen replied, “With Workspace ONE, we’re delivering the quality and satisfaction in the digital workspace that customers have long experienced, and have come to expect, from deploying and using VMware’s data center solutions.”

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