Securing the Core of Our Modern Economy

Heartland Payment Systems is one of the largest payment processing companies in the United States and as such handles over four billion transactions per year. With millions of transactions every day, the core of Heartland’s business is credit card processing.

Heartland is a founding supporter of the Merchant Bill of Rights—a public advocacy initiative that educates merchants about fair credit and debit card processing practices. The company’s mission is to help its customers succeed by providing the most innovative, secure, and reliable credit card processing solutions possible.

And for good reason. As Brendan McCaulley, Heartland’s senior director of IT explains, “Credit card processing is the lifeblood of our modern economy.”

So Heartland turned to VMware to ensure the most secure processing systems possible, and to provide a network infrastructure that can respond rapidly to changing business requirements. “We are in the customer delight business,” says McCaulley, “so the faster we can provide value to the business, the better we feel as a provider.”

Watch the video to hear more from McCaulley, and then read on to learn about Heartland’s business challenges and how VMware provided the solution.

The biggest business challenge that Heartland needed to solve was to create a network capable of understanding the ever-increasing products and platforms that the company is constantly bringing to market. In addition to credit card processing, Heartland offers point of sale, mobile commerce, e-Commerce, marketing, payroll, and related business solutions and services to more than 300,000 business and educational locations nationwide.

VMware NSX network virtualization proved to be the ideal solution. It provides an infrastructure that, as McCaulley says, “can handle that diversity of risk and performance.”

NSX also helped Heartland speed up the delivery of connectivity to its various systems, significantly reducing the time it takes to provision new systems and securely create new connectivity, says McCaulley.  

Thanks to VMware NSX, Heartland and its variety of processing systems is also more secure. “Without it,” McCaulley says, “we would have a lot more security penetration points. And we can secure our environment on a per-system level.” Benefits, McCaulley concludes, that were just “not possible with previous technologies.”