Security at the Crossroads: The Architectural Gap

This is the first in a series of three articles and videos featuring Tom Corn, SVP of security products, discussing the present and future of cybersecurity.

There may be no closer analogy today to the Myth of Sisyphus, in which the protagonist is condemned to repeatedly pushing a boulder up a mountain, than current global spending on cybersecurity. Cybersecurity Ventures, a leading cyber economy research firm, predicts that more than $1 trillion will be spent worldwide on cybersecurity products and services over the next five years. Despite this massive investment, however, the firm projects losses due to cyber crime will also rise—to $6 trillion over that same time frame. But according to Tom Corn, VMware’s senior vice president of security products, there is a solution. This solution, he says, requires organizations to “rethink how to prevent, detect, and respond to threats.”

The Architectural Gap

For most enterprises today, the majority of cybersecurity efforts involve technologies implemented on servers, networks, and endpoints. “But that’s not what we’re trying to protect,” Corn says. “We’re trying to protect apps and data.” Corn states that because of this, “security is at a crossroads.” And it is this mismatch between focus and intent that is responsible for the ineffectiveness of cybersecurity efforts, despite massive investments to the contrary.

Connecting the Dots

To answer the security challenges posed by modern applications requires a new and fundamentally different architectural approach to security. VMware offers a solution that resolves these problems, Corn explains, “by connecting the dots between the infrastructure and the application.” 

Watch the video to hear more from Corn about today’s biggest security problem and to learn about VMware’s architectural solution.