Security in the Age of Internet Separation

It was just one year ago that the very idea of separating from the internet was met with much scrutiny. When the Singapore government announced in 2016 it was separating its government systems from the internet this was proved to be true. Wasn’t it a step backwards? Why would such a smart system choose to do this?

Flash forward to today, where very few are asking Singapore these questions. When the May 2017 WannaCry virus hit companies and governments across the world, Singapore was noticeably absent from those affected, thanks to internet separation.

Internet separation comes in many forms. And with different types of organizations having diverse and unique needs, it may seem like a big risk. But with the proper use of virtualization technologies, internet separation can be achieved with minimal impact on productivity. To learn more about internet separation and the benefits of virtualization technologies, you can read the following blog post on CIO Vantage: Security Through Internet Separation