Taking the Next Journey: The Sprint Digital Workspace

Sprint is one of the largest telecommunications carriers in the United States, a Fortune 500 company with 30,000 employees who serve more than 60 million customers. As Kim Green-Kerr, Sprint’s vice president and general manager for small and medium business says, these employees are “dedicated to serving and supporting our clients, whether on the business side or the consumer side.” In 2015, to help its employees continue to provide the highest quality service and support, Sprint began deploying a digital workspace solution across its network of stores and employees nationwide.

Creating a Better Customer Environment

Sprint’s digital workspace solution is designed to bring its employees even closer to the millions they serve. Their No. 1 challenge, according to Joe Hamblin, Sprint’s director of emerging platforms, was to increase interaction between sales reps and customers on the floor. The objective, Hamblin continues, is to create “a better environment for our customers.”

“For us,” says Wendy Aks, Sprint’s senior manager for enterprise mobility management (EMM), the solution was clear: “It was all about providing our EMM users with a digital workspace.”

For its strategy to succeed, the company needed a way to provide its employees access to Sprint’s applications and content on mobile devices, or, as Aks adds, “any device of their choice.” The challenge was to ensure that they could do that without engendering security risks for the company. It was a challenge that became even more important when the company realized that its employees were already way ahead of them in using their mobile devices to access their internal Sprint environment. As Aks says, we realized that “if we didn’t come up with a solution, the employees would find ways to work around us.”

Deploying the Digital Workspace

Sprint’s digital workspace solution leverages a long-standing relationship with VMware AirWatch®. Over the past five years, that relationship has helped Sprint to deliver a variety of mobile solutions to their more than 28,000 company-owned stores and dealers.

“Now,” says, Hamblin, with the rolling-out of its digital workspace solution, “we’re taking the next journey.” Sprint is deploying its digital workspace in three rolling waves. The first deployment is to the more than 1,100 sites in its commercial retail channel. The second deployment is rolling out the new mobility solution to Sprint’s business account managers nationwide. And the third, Hamblin says, is to its own “behind-the-scenes employees.”  

“Mobile connectivity is the most powerful enabler in the world today,” Hamblin concludes. VMware is proud to help bring this benefit to Sprint’s network and people nationwide.

Watch the video to learn more about how Sprint is deploying a digital workspace solution to help its customers be more productive.