The Future of Networking and the Net Effect for Enterprises

Networking technology is approaching a classic tipping point. This tipping point is the result of a profound paradigm shift in understanding how to make networks faster, more agile, and more secure. Driving this shift are three challenges that the present hardware-centric networking model is finding increasingly difficult to handle: the risk of data breaches, the need for networks to deliver applications and services faster, and the constant pressure to maintain high availability and application continuity. And, of course, the need to accomplish all of these with less money and fewer resources.

A New Networking Paradigm

Most network infrastructures today still rely on hardware, but the complexity of these networks creates a time-strapped IT organization more prone to strain and error. IT decentralization, driven by the need for speed in today’s business world, is becoming a fact of life in many enterprise organizations.

Around the globe, though, organizations are realizing that there is a better networking solution. VMware NSX® network virtualization addresses the deficiencies of the current network paradigm by dramatically improving networking effectiveness and efficiency. NSX enables the creation and management of networks entirely in software, including switching, routing, firewalling, and load-balancing. It empowers enterprises to work smarter, not harder.

More Secure With Micro-Segmentation

NSX provides the defense organizations need against data breaches to contain the costs and damage to their customers and their own reputations. Micro-segmentation enabled by NSX can prevent the lateral movement of threats and thus prevent a data breach from spreading throughout the data center. With the cost of a data breach now reaching a total average in the United States of $5.85 million, it’s no wonder that 58 percent of IT decision makers ranked improved security as the top single benefit of NSX.

More Agile. Most Secure.

The VMware NSX network virtualization platform offers organizations the solution needed to answer the challenges their present hardware-centric networks are unable to resolve. NSX meets these challenges by enabling networks to be faster, more agile, and more secure. Choose a network that nets more: VMware NSX.

Explore this infographic to learn more about VMware NSX and the Net Effect.

The Future of networking infographic