The Power of Individual Action in a Time of Drought

VMware’s view on sustainability is rooted in the belief that individual actions matter. To this end, and in response to the devastating California drought, VMware employees recently took action and together saved nearly 1 million gallons of water through conservation efforts at home.

EPIC2 Values and Opportunities for Collective Impact

As part of the company’s sustainability efforts, VMware works to bridge the gap between work and home with various initiatives. So when the opportunity emerged to partner with the Santa Clara Valley Water District on a pilot community engagement project called WaterGenius Challenge, VMware couldn’t pass it up. This was a chance for employees to live the VMware’s EPIC2 values—Execution, Passion, Integrity, Community and Customers—with an initiative that enabled VMware people to see the impact of their individual actions and the power of collective action on an issue that impacts us all.

The WaterGenius Challenge is a software platform that provides resources and information for making home improvements toward water conservation. Users can learn what rebates are available—based on ZIP code—for various projects. The system assigns points for various actions ranging from replacing landscape to turning off the faucet while you brush.

In addition to supporting the Santa Clara Water District by piloting the WaterGenius Challenge, VMware’s aggressive water conservation measures on campus have enabled the company to reduce water irrigation by roughly 35 percent over the last year. This is significant given the company’s corporate headquarters sits on a beautiful 105-acre campus, referred to as ‘the campus in a forest.’  

From its inception, VMware has cared deeply about preserving the biodiversity of the campus’s unique landscape. With the California drought, VMware hasn’t hesitated to do what it can to conserve on campus and in buildings. In 2015, in fact, VMware saved over 13 million gallons of water and is proud to be exceeding the governor’s mandated reductions by doing more than its share during this severe drought.

Sustainability: Connecting the Dots

For VMware, much of the progress on sustainability issues is about connecting the dots: from the company’s operations, to employees and each of their daily actions, to opportunities that support broader impacts in communities and the environment at large. In this spirit, VMware recently joined other progressive companies in support of the “Connect the Drops Campaign” to advocate for resilient water solutions. Joining this initiative extends VMware’s commitment to the community by helping California embrace innovation and invest in solutions that help us all conserve, re-use, and maximize our water supply.

One of VMware’s ongoing goals is to inspire the best from each employee, professionally and personally. The company believes that focusing on its people, and its extended community, is the lifeblood of the business and enables it to have the greatest impact—both through VMware’s technology solutions, and through its conscious efforts toward a more sustainable future.