Transforming the Fulton County School System

With a focus on achievement and a commitment to continual improvement, the Fulton County School System—a system of nearly  100 schools—has earned a reputation as one of the nation’s finest. Its more than 14,000 full-time employees bring a relentless dedication to the education of thousands of students. For Kenny Wilder, the system’s director of network infrastructure, that means ensuring Fulton County Schools offer its students—who, as he says, “were born with iPads in their hands”—the best technology solutions available to help them achieve their goals.

Wilder says that because today’s students are far more sophisticated in their use of digital technology, school systems need to keep pace. “We have 96,000 students,” he says. “That means I have 96,000 hackers inside my network. And some of these high school kids are really good at it. I know because they’ve been successful a time or two.”

To help support the secure management of its information systems, learning, and wireless environments for its students, the Fulton County School System turned to VMware NSX network virtualization. As Wilder explains, “We needed a way to be able to manage our students, track them, push apps to them, and keep them secure.”

The flexibility of the NSX platform allows Fulton County to protect its network environments. It also helps to  ensure that teachers and staff have the capability to easily and quickly deploy, share, and test the systems needed to support educational excellence. And, just as importantly, the virtualization of the school system’s network ensures that, through micro-segmentation, students are prevented access to any off-limits network systems.

“Being integrated into VMware with the NSX environment,” Wilder concludes, “is very exciting to us.”   

Watch the video to learn more about how Fulton County School System is rising to the challenge of keeping pace with today’s digitally native and tech-savvy students.