7 IT Leaders Share Their Virtual Cloud Networking Use Cases

In 2018, the Virtual Cloud Network hit the tech scene. Industry and analyst experts agreed that it was the next big thing in networking innovation. In the simplest terms, a Virtual Cloud Network is networking done in software. This marks a huge change from the hardware-centric approach that dominated the market for years. And the potential upside is massive, from security to app deployment and streamlined management.

Yet, like so many new tech innovations, we all wondered: when will businesses adopt and build virtual cloud networking uses cases? There’s good news on that front. Enterprises are deploying a Virtual Cloud Network approach. And they’re already reaping the benefits.

To help us see the value today and in the future, seven IT leaders share their virtual cloud networking use cases.

1. Alliant Credit Union

“With the VMware NSX portfolio, we have the ability to deliver pervasive, fine grained security for apps and data that extends across our enterprise, down to individual VDI users and out across the branch and cloud to our end customers. This type of end-to-end secure network architecture with full visibility and insights is quite simply something that could not be done with hardware,” says Julio Arevalo, Manager of Systems Engineering, Alliant Credit Union.

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2. Brooks Brothers

“With SD-WAN, we’re able to take our legacy traditions and values and enable them for the future by delivering a superior experience,” says Manny Stergakis, Technical Architect, Brooks Brothers.

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3. Destination XL Group

“We chose VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud for its ease of deployment and management, fast turn-up time and lower cost infrastructure at retail branches and now those benefits can be extended across the entire network,” says Babu Nagappan, Director of Digital Solutions of Destination XL Group, Inc.

4. Equity Trust

“Equity Trust continues to explore ways in which we can improve our technology platform to achieve an industry-leading experience for our customers. We look to technology partners like VMware to drive innovation, and Virtual Cloud Network is a great example of that. We can use this approach to future-proof our infrastructure architecture and achieve the agility and security required to be the best in the business,” says John Moses, former director of enterprise technology for Equity Trust.

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5. Royal College of Nursing

“We have found that collaboration with VMware over the years, especially with how NSX has enhanced the security and automation capabilities in our SDDC, and more so in the enablement of microsegmentation of our critical workloads and Horizon virtual desktop infrastructure. This new Virtual Cloud Network concept aligns with our views on how infrastructure must deliver services to applications and data, wherever they are located,” says Gareth Lewis, Senior Infrastructure Architect at Royal College of Nursing.

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6. The Christie

“Thanks to VMware NSX, we were recently able to keep patient services fully operational during a high-profile cyberattack. As the largest single site cancer center in Europe dealing with more than 44,000 patients each year, we take the security of our infrastructure very seriously,” says Eileen Jessop, CIO, The Christie.

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7. W.L. Gore & Associates

“VMware has been a longstanding vendor to help Gore create and manage our SDDC, and most recently NSX became the game-changer by delivering microsegmentation across our global data centers.  We view the concept of Virtual Cloud Network as the next generation of SDDC as it is applicable to how organizations like Gore could securely extend workloads to public cloud and intelligently manage our hundreds of remote locations,” says Chuck Bartenbach, Chief Information Security Officer, W.L. Gore and Associates.

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