VMware AirWatch Helps El Al’s Business Take Off

Established in 1948, El Al, Israel’s national airline, now flies to 52 destinations with a team of 6,000 employees behind the scenes. As a major commercial airline, El Al understands the importance of constant innovation. To ensure the company keeps advancing, El Al deployed a digital workspace to increase productivity and security across all elements of the business.    

Entering a Secure Digital Revolution

Before El Al went digital, flight crews had to carry heavy bags packed with paperwork, including everything from emergency procedures to special passenger requests. Not only was this cumbersome for the crew, but it made customer service unnecessarily difficult, as finding a single passenger’s request required searching through a flight list of more than 300 names.

The airline also wanted to keep the crew up to date on any last minute changes. But because of the lack of server connectivity during flight, El Al pilots were not able to receive important updates until they landed. The airline would need to ensure, though, that any digital updates to their systems and processes also maintained critical security and protection of confidential flight and passenger information.

Using VMware Products to Soar

With VMware AirWatch®, El Al was able to satisfy all its business needs. AirWatch solutions created a VMware enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform for El Al, integrating all existing enterprise software in one place. With this deployment, El Al achieved ease of management from any device, regardless of platform or ownership, all from one center console.

Clear Results

Since El Al implemented AirWatch, the entire in-flight experience has improved. Pilots now receive automatic real-time updates, completely independent of servers, allowing important information to be digitized and accessible—even when offline in-flight. As project manager Yaron Cohen says, “Boarding a plane today without having all of this information available digitally is like going back to the Stone Age.”

Flight crews also experience benefits, as El Al now has simple and immediate access to important passenger information. This means that the crew can have access to passenger lists, special requests, medical cases, and more in just a few clicks.

The airline was able to achieve all of this while still staying secure. The internal app store is available for only authorized users, and AirWatch helps prevent the transfer of unauthorized information. That means sensitive data remains secure, and passenger information remains protected.

For more on how El Al made its digital transformation with VMware AirWatch, watch the video below.