VMware and Eurotech Partner to Help Enterprises Manage IoT Infrastructure

Today VMware and Eurotech announce a partnership bringing together Eurotech’s world-class Multi-service IoT Gateways and Edge Controllers and VMware’s expertise in device management, security and operational analytics to give joint customers a tightly coupled, enterprise-grade IoT infrastructure they can rely on.

VMware, along with the industry, has been a longtime proponent of three-tier IoT architecture and its benefits in creating systematic and effective IoT implementations. VMware IoT infrastructure management solutions helps manage, monitor and secure IoT use cases. Industry leaders like Eurotech create IoT embedded systems and smart gateways that perform many of the critical components within the IoT, such as security, remote access and real time monitoring.

Together, VMware and Eurotech will enable organizations to create more efficient, secure and lean IoT implementations which easily and quickly scale.

Read the press release here for more details:

Eurotech announces a new partnership with VMware answering to the emerging architecture needs of edge IoT computing nodes