How VMware AppDefense Enhances Security Across Clouds

Building on VMware’s foundational approach to cloud infrastructure and security, VMware AppDefense is a new solution that leverages the unique properties of virtualization to protect applications running on top of it. This new solution creates a least-privilege compute environment by capturing intended state of applications, and monitoring running machines against their intended state. AppDefense can detect and automate response to attacks that attempt to manipulate those applications, addressing a key challenges security organizations face from a constantly evolving and complex threat landscape.

Leveraging the Network Infrastructure

AppDefense takes advantage of the application visibility the virtualization layer provides to enable what Tom Corn, VMware’s senior vice president for security products calls “an intent-based security model.” That model focuses on what the applications should dothe known goodrather than what the attackers dothe known bad. “We believe it will do for compute, what VMware NSX and micro-segmentation did for the network; shrink the attack surface and create a more actionable security model.”

The automation made possible by the virtualized, software-defined infrastructure allows AppDefense to automate every phase of this process, including threat detection and response.

Detect and Respond

The capabilities of VMware AppDefense open up new ways to shrink the attack surface and create a new security model that Corn says is “much more aligned to applications.” Now security organizations have the tools they need to leverage the power of the software-defined infrastructure to detect threats, and create “a much more actionable, orchestrated, and automated response” to attacks.

“With AppDefense,” Corn says, organizations have a simple but powerful mechanism to ‘ensure good’ rather than just ‘chase bad.’ This changes the current approach to security that Corns describes as “constantly chasing the evolving threat landscape.”

Watch Tom Corn’s light board presentation to see how VMware AppDefense improves security for applications running on virtualized and cloud environments.