VMware AppDefense: Transforming Security in Virtualized and Cloud Environments

People often ask me: ‘What’s the Next Big Thing in cybersecurity?’ This is it. VMware AppDefense is The Next Big Thing.

Tom Corn

Although VMware would not describe itself as a security company, it is increasingly playing a lead role in developing new solutions that address broader, foundational security challenges. According to VMware’s Senior Vice President for Security Products, Tom Corn, VMware’s strategy marries “one of the oldest and most foundational principles in security, least privilege,” to new security capabilities made possible by virtualization.

With the launch of VMware AppDefense, VMware introduces one of the most exciting advances in cybersecurity since the debut of VMware NSX and micro-segmentation. AppDefense is a new solution that detects the manipulation of applications and automates threat response, from a protected position in the hypervisor.

Architecting Security In

AppDefense extends VMware’s foundational approach to securing infrastructure. As Corn explains, AppDefense builds on VMware’s strategy of applying least privilege to end-user computing devices with VMware AirWatch solutions, user access with VMware WorkSpace ONE™, and the network with VMware NSX™ and micro-segmentation.

“Quite simply,” Corn says, “VMware AppDefense enables organizations to create least-privilege environments on the compute stack,”—the single piece that’s been missing in the security puzzle. It protects applications running across virtualized and cloud environments by allowing organizations to “move to an intent-based security model, that focuses on locking down what applications should do, rather than solely chasing threats.”

AppDefense enables organizations to understand how applications are running in their virtualized data centers and private, public, or hybrid clouds. It leverages “VMware’s unique position in the hypervisor,” says Corn, “to do things that weren’t possible before.” From this vantage point, organizations now have the capability to “better understand and secure applications” and the ability to create “orchestrated and automated response” to any threat.

Watch the video to learn more about how VMware AppDefense improves security for applications running across virtualized and cloud environments.