The Foundation for Future Cloud Development

For organizations dealing with an increasingly complex cloud environment, the challenges are mounting. How to manage and build a private cloud environment? How to manage workloads running in multiple clouds with the skills and tooling IT already has? How to handle the complexity of IT sprawl as technology decisions increasingly decentralize, and organizations embrace multiple cloud services and SaaS applications? Organizations need a solution that helps simplify the complexity of multi-cloud challenges.

Introducing VMware® Cloud Foundation.

A Unified SDDC Platform

VMware Cloud Foundation is a unified software-defined data center (SDDC) platform that integrates VMware compute, network, and storage virtualization. It answers the customer need for an easier and more efficient way to build and run private and hybrid clouds. And it provides the foundation for enabling IT to manage applications running in multiple private and public cloud environments.


Simplifying the Journey

VMware Cloud Foundation makes it easy for customers to build and run private and hybrid cloud environments by simplifying the installation, update, and lifecycle management of private cloud infrastructure. VMware Cloud Foundation takes the core components of the SDDCVMware vSphere, VMware Virtual SAN™, and VMware NSXand integrates them in a unified platform. This newly integrated platform provides customers the virtualized infrastructure to build private and public clouds.

VMware Cloud Foundation includes SDDC Manager, which helps customers and service providers automate the deployment and management of their VMware cloud software. This makes private and hybrid clouds much easier for organizations to stand up and operate, and much easier for developers to innovate.


VMware Cloud Foundation will be offered as software, on qualified hardware, and as a service. This range of options offers VMware customers unprecedented choice in their infrastructure decisions involving pricing, hardware configurations, data center footprints, and value-added services.

The Foundation for Future Cloud Development

VMware Cloud Foundation provides the foundation, along with VMware’s new Cross-Cloud Services, for taking full advantage of the new VMware® Cross-Cloud Architecture. This architecture promises an era of cloud freedom and control by enabling customers to run, manage, connect, and secure applications across clouds and devices in a common operating environment.