VMware Cloud Providers Put Hybrid Cloud Benefits Within Easy Reach

Over a half million organizations worldwide run their IT infrastructure with VMware technologies. To accelerate their transition to the hybrid cloud, VMware partners with over 4,100 top cloud providers across more than 110 countries, including IBM.

The vast number of companies already running the VMware software-defined data center (SDDC) platform can easily access best-in-class cloud services through the global VMware Cloud Provider network. Ample choices, without all the complexity of typical cloud migrations, put hybrid cloud benefits within easy reach.

“When companies need to quickly scale resources, streamline operations, or lower costs with the cloud, they can start where they are: by extending existing investments in VMware-based environments to the cloud,” said Ajay Patel, senior vice president and general manager of VMware Cloud Provider Software. “But companies must be able to choose a cloud provider that specializes in their unique needs—geographic reach, regulatory requirements, industry expertise—that’s what the VMware Cloud Provider program is all about. Companies can quickly access the value of the cloud on top of the convenience, security, and reliability of the VMware solutions they know and trust.”

VMware Cloud Provider partners not only offer VMware-based expertise and services but also jointly engineer the next generation of services powered by hybrid cloud computing.

“Partners help us deliver more holistic cloud services to customers—that’s why VMware is a partner-first company,” said Patel, who drives joint strategies with VMware Cloud Provider partners. “IBM, one of the first premier partners to be VMware Cloud Verified, is a prime example of how we work with our larger VMware Cloud Provider community to deliver hybrid cloud benefits.”

IBM and VMware


Patel accepted the IBM Excellence Award on behalf of VMware for outstanding partner cloud service on the IBM Cloud platform.

The IBM Cloud operates in over 60 data centers across more than 19 countries, a major draw for companies looking to scale across great distances without delay. Companies in heavily regulated healthcare, telecommunications, and financial services industries turn to IBM Cloud security for the freedom of the cloud without the fear of threats. Others, ranging from startups and hospitality leaders to retailers and manufacturers, look to the intelligence of IBM Cloud to fearlessly build new apps and services.

The joint VMware on IBM Cloud solution pairs these capabilities with the effortlessness of VMware tools, workload automation, and operational consistency. This digital foundation enables more than 1,400 joint IBM and VMware customers to do things like create repeatable processes to cut cloud deployment time from months to days, for a less costly and less risky move to hybrid cloud.

“IBM and VMware continue to lower the barriers to hybrid cloud adoption by delivering new solutions that help solve challenges such as workload portability, downtime, application dependency, network complexity, and migration efficiency,” said Zane Adam, vice president of IBM Cloud, in a blog post.

The IBM Excellence Award publicly recognizes what we’re already seeing in the market for VMware on IBM Cloud: triple-digit, year-over-year growth. Together, we’re working on migrating the next 100,000 VMs in the next three months.

Ajay Patel, SVP and GM of VMware Cloud Provider Software

To further accelerate hybrid cloud adoption, VMware released the Hybrid Cloud Extension (HCX) service for IBM Cloud (as well as for VMware Cloud on AWS).

“Traditionally, IT has to rewrite or refactor an application just to use the cloud or use third-party migration technology to move one application, or one virtual machine (VM), at a time,” said Patel. “HCX handles discovery, security, encryption—all the underlying capabilities that make workloads easily portable. IT can seamlessly lift and shift entire data centers in days from a unified operating environment, just like American Airlines did.”

That’s just the beginning for joint innovations from IBM and VMware. Patel said the teams are now working to leverage the IBM Cloud App Service, IBM Watson Internet of Things (IoT) Platform, IBM Blockchain Platform, IBM Watson artificial intelligence (AI), and more.

VMware on IBM Cloud Momentum
Feb. 22, 2016: IBM and VMware announce a strategic partnership to help joint customers quickly and easily adopt hybrid cloud.
June 14, 2016: VMware announces upcoming availability of IBM Cloud-based virtual desktops.
Aug. 29, 2016: VMware introduces VMware Cloud Foundation on IBM Cloud.
May 25, 2017: IBM wins VMware 2016 Global Partner Innovation Award for Integrate Public Clouds.
Aug. 28, 2017: VMware plans to integrate VMware AppDefense with IBM QRadar for advanced hybrid cloud security.
Sept. 12, 2017: IBM and VMware announce more than 1,400 enterprises use VMware on IBM Cloud.
Jan. 29, 2018: IBM announces general availability of VMware HCX on IBM Cloud.
March 20, 2018: VMware wins 2018 IBM Excellence Award for Cloud, during IBM PartnerWorld at Think.

Journey to the Cloud


Jeff Martin, CTO of TD Bank, shares his hybrid cloud strategy at IBM Think 2018.

Organizations must move fast to get new operations up and running, to bring products to market faster, and to quickly find some way around unexpected obstacles. The underlying digital infrastructure that powers the software and applications at the heart of it all must be able to expand and retract resources as needed. The cloud—with all its scalability, reach, agility, performance, and cost efficiency—is the means to this end, but it’s not always within easy reach.

“Simply moving to the cloud, for an enterprise, is not as simple as it sounds,” said Patel. “IT can’t just switch off the data center where essential enterprise data sits, rewrite existing applications still running the business, and move large volumes of assets overnight. This is a journey.”

That journey could start in the cloud for organizations willing to start from scratch. For others, that journey begins by extending what’s on premises to the cloud, creating a hybrid cloud environment.

Our IT strategy is quite simple. It’s about driving agility, so we can get better things to our customers, and improving efficiency. A hybrid cloud is a key part of that overall strategy, and IBM and VMware are key partners in helping us deliver that promise.

Jeff Martin, CTO of TD Bank, at IBM Think 2018

“Companies realize the value of their existing data centers and applications, so they combine what’s working with the immediate benefits of hybrid cloud,” said Patel. “Hybrid cloud is a natural transitioning state between an on-premises world and a pure cloud world that allows companies to choose the speed at which they want to adopt the cloud.”

Others agree. “While cloud is a destination, hybrid is the path,” said Faiyaz Shahpurwala, general manager of IBM Cloud, at IBM Think 2018.

To ease the journey down that path, VMware partners with top cloud providers, including IBM. Watch the replay of Think 2018 keynote session, “Beyond Infrastructure: Architecting the One Platform for Smarter Business,” where Patel, Shahpurwala, and the CTO of TD Bank discuss the benefits of data and AI on the IBM Cloud and how VMware helps enterprise customers get there with a hybrid cloud strategy.