VMware Delivers Multi-Cloud Container Management With Confidence

As containers become increasingly popular with businesses, there’s a kind of sinking dread that accompanies all that promise. How do you deploy them efficiently across the entire enterprise? How do you keep the applications secure? what does multi-cloud container management look like?

Heavy questions require heavy hitters, which is why VMware has taken on some major partners in its latest initiative. Developed by VMware and Pivotal in collaboration with Google Cloud Platform service, VMware Pivotal Container Service™ (PKS) elegantly addresses container concerns.

VMware PKS allows enterprises to deploy and operate production–grade container services, including Kubernetes (the “K” in “PKS”), on VMware vSphere®. It supports cluster deployment, features lifecycle management ever-updated to the latest Kubernetes, and security with VMware NSX® built-in.

For more, watch this introduction to PKS, featuring VMware Chief Operating Officer, Customer Operations, Sanjay Poonen.

The Key Capabilities of PKS
As a comprehensive solution for operating containers across an enterprise, PKS comes with a set of key production features:

  • High availability. PKS features fault tolerant design and rolling upgrades to ensure applications run without outages.
  • Advanced networking and security. With NSX native integration, cross-cloud security and networking come built-in.
  • Multitenancy. PKS allows for workload isolation and privacy in enterprise and cloud service provider environments.
  • Comprehensive solution. PKS is a fully integrated container solution that tackles compute, networking, storage, management, provisioning, and orchestration with ease of use for the customer in mind.
  • Streamlined operations. PKS offers cluster deployment and lifecycle management in addition to day one and day two support like monitoring, logging, real-time analytics, and event correlation.

What PKS Delivers
At its core, PKS gives the confidence to manage and deploy containers across private and public clouds, with the support of VMware, Pivotal, and Google Cloud built-in. It helps enterprises realize value faster by bringing innovation into their operations faster. And by supporting the latest Kubernetes, it increases developer productivity by allowing them to focus on building applications with all the right resources at their fingertips.

For more, watch this video on the capabilities and benefits of PKS, featuring VMware General Manager, Cloud-Native Apps, Paul Fazzone.