VMware Delivers Technology for Tomorrow’s Physicians

Temple Health is a unique hospital. Located in the heart of Philadelphia, it is one of the city’s leading academic medical centers, working with over 1,000 physicians and scientists to bring innovative treatments to patients. But Temple Health is special, in part because of the close relationship it has with Temple University, which makes it a teaching hospital for tomorrow’s future medical leaders.

The hospital’s technology strategy is focused in two areas. The first area is enhancing the ability of physicians to teach residents. The second, and the more important, area is the ability of the physicians to teach patients, increasing their awareness and understanding of the ailments that brought them to Temple Health. To help provide these integral technologies, the hospital turned to VMware.

Becoming Digital

Temple Health knew that to continue to be nationally recognized for offering cutting edge treatments for seemingly untreatable patients, the organization would need to overcome a few challenges. Legacy systems required updates, and  paper charts needed to be transformed to digital records. Additionally, there were five siloed data centers that made updates difficult to manage, and physicians weren’t able to access the network from any device. The hospital knew it had to make changes to ensure that it continued to provide tomorrow’s treatments today.

Watch the video below to learn how Temple Health uses VMware technology, then read on for the impact the technology has had on the hospital and its patients.

Seeing Positive Changes

By using a suite of VMware products (VMware NSX®, VMware vSphere®, VMware vCenter®, VMware vSAN™, and VMware vCloud Suite®) Temple Health was able to revolutionize its technologies. Temple Health virtualized its network and reduced the physical footprint of five data centers. The new foundation of cloud architecture and storage has provided more stability and security. The use of micro-segmentation, in particular, has helped to improve patient data security.  Becoming a modern, cloud-based, secure hospital has allowed Temple Health to see many positive improvements.

Improving the Patient Experience

Temple Health has been able to make an impact where it matters: with patients. Although VMware technologies have made an economic impact by decreasing costs and reducing Temple’s data center footprint, the biggest impact has been on the hospital’s ability to increase the quality of services patients receive.

The hospital’s biggest desire is for doctors and clinicians to spend more time with patients. VMware technology allows doctors to be more efficient with their use of technologies—and to spend more time with patients—which has resulted in better communication and better outcomes, making Temple Health the innovative hospital that it is today.