At VMware, Every Day Is Earth Day

At VMware, every day is Earth Day. From Bulgaria to Singapore, Brazil to Palo Alto, VMware works to put more back into the environment, society, and global economy than it takes. It’s a value that fuels VMware people and their choices to live and thrive as global citizens.

Sustainability is embedded in the company’s DNA and pursued with passion. Did you know that a 10:1 server consolidation via virtualization can reduce energy use by up to 90 percent in a data center?  From the impact of VMware products to sustainable environmental design, the company’s commitment—to protect the planet and conserve Earth’s energy—is a meaningful way of caring for people and community.

Eco-innovations at VMware come in all shapes and sizes. Take, for example, the company’s facilities. All U.S. sites are 100 percent carbon neutral. Ten VMware buildings are Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified; eight are at Palo Alto headquarters and two are LEED Platinum, including Kalyani Vista (in Bangalore, India) and their Wenatchee Data Center (in Washington, United States). What’s more, operations in Palo Alto and Wenatchee are powered by 100 percent clean, renewable energy.

VMware also works to conserve water along with energy. In 2015, VMware saved 12 million gallons of water and reduced overall water consumption in Palo Alto by 35 percent, exceeding California’s 25 percent mandatory water reduction due to severe drought.

Big Things Have Small Beginnings

Life at VMware is inspired by a belief that individual actions matter because big things have small beginnings. That’s why all VMware people have the opportunity to make environmentally-conscious choices through ongoing eco-programs. For example, VMware subsidizes the use of public transportation and supports alternative commute options. At headquarters, employees have access to carpools, vanpools, bike racks, electric vehicle (EV) discounts, and EV charging ports. Employees are encouraged to bring in electronic waste such as batteries, light bulbs, and even home stereo systems!

For VMware, putting back more than the company takes means minimizing its global footprint—and doing it with a sense of integrity and perspective. The global challenges of sustainability call on companies, communities, and governments to do more with less, to be creative, and to continually innovate. While there is always more to do, VMware is on the right path by truly making every day Earth Day.

As Margaret Mead once said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtfully committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Explore the infographic below to see the many ways in which VMware works to protect the planet and conserve Earth’s energy.

VMware Earth Day colorful Infographic