VMware Empowers Digital Leaders Across Industries

VMware empowers digital leaders in all industries, from healthcare to retail to finance. Some are hospitality giants aiming to revolutionize the way people travel, others are hospitals focusing on providing quality individual patient care. No matter what type of organization, one thing is consistent: these innovators drive business and customer experiences to a whole new level of achievement.

Sparking Innovation

Innovation requires risk—that’s part of the reason it’s so exciting. Companies that consistently push the envelope for greater success are the types of companies that use VMware. These companies know that innovation helps to attract top talent, talent that helps discover and implement new methods and ideas. These companies innovate to create the world they want to live in, and to shape the world moving forward.

Passionate employees help develop a company’s strategic edge, something VMware helps its customers shape for their businesses. The technology VMware provides focuses on enabling the business because VMware knows that if a company is empowered, it will be able to inspire its own customers to achieve greatness.

To see how VMware customers innovate, improve digital business, and transform customer experiences, watch the video below.

Developing the Digital Experience

VMware helps its customers achieve their long-term goals by improving their digital businesses. In some instances, as with Ceridian—a human resources software and services provider—this means a focus on creating a digital business in the cloud. By moving previously on-premises applications into the cloud, Ceridian benefits from greater automation and security, and therefore spends less time worrying about its technology and more time solving its larger business challenges.

Mercy, an integrated healthcare organization headquartered in Missouri, has seen similar benefits. By adopting technology into the very fiber of how the business runs, Mercy is becoming a partner to its patients, giving them more guidance on their health and on preventative measures.

Transforming the Customer Experience

Technology has the potential to completely evolve the user experience. By implementing technology in creative and innovative ways, companies are able to provide their customers with better experiences, something Marriott is particularly passionate about. With each new location, Marriott faces different challenges to delivering the best possible customer experience. But by adopting VMware technology, Marriott is able to ensure that customers receive the same quality of service no matter where in the world they are staying.

VMware customers see first-hand changing customer expectations. Now more than ever, customers want increased access to their information at greater speed. That ability to deliver services quickly is essential, and it results in a stronger focus on increased mobility to improve the customer experience. Mobility empowers customers to engage faster and is part of the digital revolution VMware customers are leading.