VMware and Forbes Insights Release Digital Workspace Findings

VMware and Forbes Insights today released an executive summary of their survey findings examining the state of digital workspace technologies. According to the executive summary, “The Impact of the Digital Workforce: A New Equilibrium of the Digitally Transformed Enterprise,” businesses that empower employees with access to their preferred apps and devices see measurable gains on an individual and organizational level.

Companies offering choice in enterprise applications are nearly three times as likely to be rated leaders in digital transformation by their employees. And while 72 percent of CIOs believe their company is a pioneer in this realm, only 40 percent of employees agree. This discrepancy suggests a disconnect that can affect crucial company success metrics like recruitment, collaboration, and morale.

For more findings on how today’s digital workforce is impacting business outcomes, read the full press release: VMware Report Links Empowered Employees with Measurable Business and Individual Performance Gains