VMware Helps the Magic Happen for Rent-A-Center

Mike Conroy directs technical operations for Rent-A-Center, a Fortune 1000 company known for selling rent-to-own appliances and furniture. With nearly 20,000 employees in more than 3,000 locations spread out across North America, the company knows that controlling costs and maximizing efficiencies are critical IT priorities. 

Conroy is responsible for the retailer’s data center, including storage, networking, and virtualization. His challenges include a large geographical area, a diverse workforce, and a small IT team. Conroy depends on VMware products because of their reliability and efficiency.

“The things that are one-click operations in VMware require weeks of scripting and development in other platforms,” he says. “VMware is far and away the most mature platform in this space.”

Hyper-Convergence Spells Savings

At Rent-A-Center, Conroy designed a hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) using VMware Virtual SAN and VMware VxRail. HCI tightly integrates a data center’s compute, storage, networking, and virtualization features in order to maximize performance and efficiencies. 

One of the advantages of going with VxRail is that it dramatically reduces our administrative overhead. I can run this infrastructure with one person.

Mike Conroy

Because the company had already virtualized its data centers using VMware vSphere, it chose VxRail for its HCI solution. By leveraging products designed to work together, Conroy was able to both hold down costs and improve the system’s overall performance. The tight integration between VMware products also means it’s easier to manage.

“One of the advantages of going with VxRail is that it dramatically reduces our administrative overhead. I can run this infrastructure with one person,” says Conroy.

Simplifying Infrastructure

With VxRail, Rent-A-Center not only reduced overhead costs but also gained greater performance and scalability. The company has a diverse staff, which is widely distributed across North America. By implementing a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) through VMware Horizon®, the company provided employees with access to all virtual desktops, applications, and online services through a single workspace.

Positioned for Growth

Because Rent-A-Center chose to go with a dedicated appliance, VxRail, Conroy knows exactly how much it will cost to scale in the future, and he is able to budget for future growth. Conroy’s trust in VMware products enables Rent-A-Center to remain competitive, efficient, and forward-looking.

“We get better performance, better management capabilities, less data center footprint, and lower costs,” Conroy says. “It’s a tremendous advantage in every aspect.”

Learn more about how Rent-A-Center uses its infrastructure to power its business by watching this video.