VMware Helps Promote Healthy School Canteens

The Netherlands Nutrition Centre (Voedingscentrum) is the authority that offers Dutch people scientifically supported and independent information about healthy, safe, and more sustainable food choices. In addition to providing information through a website that is visited more than 24 million times per year, the organization also develops special campaigns, such as The Healthy School Canteen. For this program, a team of professionals travels around each day providing information and checking whether school canteens meet the guidelines.

Mobile Working Is Critical

For the field representatives to collect and report data from school canteens, they need to be able to quickly log in, access the appropriate applications, and upload information from their location.

“Our Healthy School Canteen ‘brigadiers’ no longer face any restrictions during their work.  Irrespective of the operating system, everyone can log in immediately. The device they use for this has no influence on the performance,” explains Jelle Jager, business operations manager at the Netherlands Nutrition Centre. But that has not always been the case.

Originally, field representatives logged into a virtual server environment using a virtual private network (VPN). Victor Cats, a system and network administrator at the Netherlands Nutrition Centre, explains the chain reaction of challenges the foundation was facing: “The bottleneck was the CRM part, which caused conflicts in the memory area, causing Microsoft Outlook to crash regularly.” Security was another concern, particularly with field representatives logging in through a web browser, which could contain any number of security gaps. A new solution was imperative.

VMware Horizon DaaS Virtual Desktop

“The solution to our problem had to be easily accessible and extremely secure, and the speed of the system had to be acceptable,” says Jager. “It also had to be possible,” he adds, “to run existing applications in the new environment.”

The Netherlands Nutrition Centre decided on a solution that offers an individual virtual desktop to everyone. They chose the VMware Horizon DaaS virtual desktop, delivered via XtraDesktop B.V., which offers a simple and affordable pay-as-you-go model for externally hosting the desktop. This gives the Netherlands Nutrition Centre unlimited scalability in the number of desktops available, and makes the desktops extremely easy to manage.

The Results: Fast, Efficient, Secure Work

It is important that you find a partner who you know is going to stay the course.

Jelle Jager, Business Operations Manager, Netherlands Nutrition Centre

As a result, mobile employees are now able to get to work and start applications much faster, thanks to shorter login times. The bottleneck of the link with the CRM system has been resolved, leaving employees in the field to do their work effortlessly. And an additional security layer has been added, which does not have any negative effect on the login time of the end user.

Field employees can now use any device and any operating system to log in quickly, efficiently, and securely to a virtual desktop session. And this solution is easily scalable, so when there are more remote requests, IT can add new desktops quickly and at a low cost.

“It is important that you find a partner who you know is going to stay the course,” Jager emphasizes as he speaks of VMware’s virtual desktop solution. “The solution is future proof. We are rolling it out easily to our customers, our end users.”

VMware Horizon has helped the Netherlands Nutrition Centre to obtain far-reaching improvements in accessibility, reliability, and security. As a result, the foundation can continue to deliver valuable food services to the people of the Netherlands.