VMware Helps Swisscom to Enhance and Manage Its Cloud Services

Swisscom is a leading telecom and IT company offering cloud services, Internet, TV, and mobile services to residential and multinational business customers across Switzerland and Italy. The company is renowned as a companion to its multinational customers in the digital world and has strengthened this relationship by enhancing its cloud service offering.

“Our current business is important to us and to Switzerland—but the next generation of enablement is not the network anymore—it’s the cloud. That’s why we want to enable our customers to use our cloud in Switzerland, safe in the knowledge that it is secure and close to where they are,” says Marco Hochstrasser, Head of Cloud Platform Development, Swisscom.

The company was an early mover to the cloud, quick to recognise its future importance to consumers and enterprises. An internal team built the company’s cloud infrastructure. This included a large group of software developers to create a bespoke cloud management platform—a significant undertaking—because at the time the company wasn’t convinced about the available cloud management tools. Swisscom’s internal, residential, and enterprise services were underpinned by this cloud platform that included VMware NSX and VMware vSphere.

However, the resource required in maintaining the cloud management tool became too high, and Swisscom found itself in the position of compromising its time to market for new services. It had to look for alternative options.  

Watch the video to hear more from Hochstrasser about the business challenges Swisscom faced and how VMware helped the company overcome those challenges.

Focusing on the Future

Swisscom decided to switch from building and managing its cloud infrastructure to instead focusing on the development of the services that sit on top of it for its customers. It worked with VMware to create Enterprise Service Cloud, leveraging VMware vRealize Suite to manage the cloud infrastructure. Swisscom also continues to benefit from NSX and vSphere, running on vBlock from VCE and storage and hardware from Dell EMC.

“From an internal perspective, we’ve benefitted from a standardized platform, simplified processes, and improved automation, which make the management of the cloud more efficient, all thanks to VMware,” said Hochstrasser.

Paying Forward the Benefits

The Enterprise Service Cloud is an agile platform on which Swisscom can provide high quality services to its customers, enabling them to move into the cloud in a highly secure, efficient way. In addition, the platform is accelerating the speed in which Swisscom can introduce new services and features, and is able to scale up as the business grows.  

“We are all about getting customers connected with the best services possible, helping Switzerland to innovate—and we can do that now we’re supported with an agile cloud,” said Hochstrasser.