VMware Innovation: New College Graduate Bootcamp

VMware is committed to being a great place to work—and the New College Graduate (NCG) Bootcamp for first-time employees is one of the ways the company helps to make that vision come true for new grads.

As a college graduate in her first job as a VMware Performance Engineer, Vishnu Priya Muthukrishnan kick-started her career at NCG Bootcamp, and connected with the company mission, and with the wider VMware community. For three weeks, she and her cohort of recent college grads received presentations by company execs, in-depth conversations about VMware’s business, enjoyed a fun-based team that did quizzes and games, and a project team that did problem-solving activities together every afternoon. (Her team won the Best Project award and lunch with the CEO.)

Watch the video below to hear more about Vishnu’s experience in the New College Bootcamp, and how VMware sets up its new college grads for success.

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