VMware NSX Is Becoming Critical to Multi-Cloud Strategies

In this second of a three-part video series, VMware’s general manager and executive vice president for the networking and security business unit, Rajiv Ramaswami, discusses VMwareⓇ NSX™ customer adoptions and how NSX can help businesses build out their clouds. View the first video on NSX use cases here.

Global enterprises are adopting VMware NSX at an impressive rate. In the past quarter alone, VMware added more than 200 new customers. Essential to this momentum is the growing realization that NSX provides a key foundation for businesses looking to extend their operations to the cloud. “One of the largest banks in the world is using NSX to build out very large private clouds, and they’re with us on a journey to extend NSX into the public cloud,” says Rajiv Ramaswami, VMware’s general manager and executive vice president for networking and security.

Customers Paving the Way With NSX

Companies of every size and every vertical are committing to making NSX a foundational part of their IT futures. Examples of the sheer range of NSX customers include Armor, Fulton County School District, Heartland Payment Systems, IBM Global Technology Services, Novamedia, SugarCreek, and the University of New Mexico.

Ramaswami highlights a media company that came to VMware for help with building out its private cloud, consolidating a number of recent acquisitions and bringing them in-house. Ramaswami notes that this VMware customer, like many, uses NSX not just for security, but also for automation and disaster recovery. This is the trifecta of key use cases Ramaswami recently explained.

Making the Journey Together

Helping customers realize these kinds of notable IT achievements with NSX is only the beginning. With NSX, customers are realizing how much more they can accomplish across their businesses and the broader communities they serve.

Watch the video to learn more from Rajiv Ramaswami about how customers are using NSX.

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