VMware NSX Is a Game-Changer for UNM

Security is essential for every business, but it is critical for institutions of education and research like the University of New Mexico. With 31,000 students and 9,100 faculty and staff under UNM’s care, to call the act of maintaining security a mammoth undertaking would be a mammoth understatement. Not only does the University need to protect the data of each individual student, it must ensure every bit of research material—an astronomical amount of data—is highly secured as well.

Additionally, institutions such as UNM must occasionally make sweeping changes to existing infrastructure as systems grow older and less efficient. Such a process began at UNM about three years ago, when the University determined that its data center network needed a complete overhaul to provide improved security.

“We didn’t have the infrastructure to support things like improved security, micro-segmentation, and multi-tenancy,” said Director of Computing Platforms Brian Pietrewicz.

Faced with the decision of which vendor to choose, the University preferred an option that would allow it to remain independent of specific hardware vendors and enable its infrastructure to evolve as needed. The solution, the University discovered, was VMware NSX.

While the UNM had many reasons to choose NSX, a couple of crucial benefits in particular stuck out to the team: quicker deployment time and lower costs.

“When a department needs a system, they no longer have to order the system, wait three weeks, provision it, so on and so forth,” Pietrewicz said. Now the entire process, which involves logging onto a self-service portal and clicking a few buttons, only takes 20 minutes. On top of that, the cost of running a virtual machine (VM) instead of a physical server is dramatically cheaper.

Watch the video below to learn more about how NSX is a game-changer for the University of New Mexico.