VMware Renews Support for Channel Partners

On Day 2 of VMworld 2017, VMware reinforced its commitment to helping its channel partners help their customers “Realize What’s Possible” with training and other programs designed to improve partner cloud services expertise and support. “We intend to keep the pedal to the metal,” VMware promised the audience in a wide-ranging panel discussion featuring three VMware channel partner service and support representatives: Ross Brown, senior vice president, Strategic Corporate Alliances; Brandon Sweeney, senior vice president, Worldwide Sales & Operations; and Colleen Kapase, vice president, Partner Go to Market Program, Incentives.

Driving Hyper-Scale Infrastructure

VMware reiterated its complete commitment and support for its thousands of channel partners who are responsible for delivering VMware products and services to customers worldwide, and for more than 85 percent of the company’s total revenue. VMware acknowledged that one of the reasons its channel and OEM partners are so successful is the value-add they bring above the infrastructure level. “Customers don’t want to deal with service interruptions,” Sweeney said, “and you ensure they don’t have to.” It’s a benefit that is increasingly important as customers continue their cloud journeys and begin adding VMware Cloud Foundation™ and VMware Cloud Services™ to their managed service offerings.

VMware announced that it is increasing the training and tools to support its partners as they drive beyond selling the individual components of the VMware compute, storage, and networking stack to selling VMware Cloud Foundation as a hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) solution. VMware emphasized the importance of Cloud Foundation as a solution for enabling channel customers to take full advantage of business transformation and cloud infrastructure—whether delivered as a managed service or in conjunction with support and service from the partners. “This is the foundation for enabling hyper-scale infrastructure for your customers,” Sweeney said.

Project Compass and New Sales Incentives

VMware assured the channel that partners will be following the same road map as VMware itself when it comes to future product releases, service announcements, and other enhancements. Reinforcing that commitment, VMware announced the introduction of Project Compass, a program that will allow partners “to match their customer infrastructure and IT road maps,” said Kapase, “with VMware’s own internal production schedules.” Project Compass will be updated every quarter to provide the channel with a new level of heightened visibility into VMware’s ongoing product plans and strategies.

VMware made clear the importance of the channel to its plans moving forward. The steps VMware representatives stressed all had one common goal: “We want to make it easy for partners to sell for us,” said Brown. It was a message repeated throughout the morning.

VMware closed the session by conveying its dedication to creating an even more tremendous opportunity for its partners “to build,” Sweeney said, “a deeper and richer set of services for their customers.” The steps VMware announced at VMworld 2017 are designed to do just that, and ensure a win for all the members of the VMware family: customers, OEM and channel partners, and VMware.

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