VMware Rolls Out Major Update to vRealize Platform

VMware provides the tools that enable its customers to run any application, on any device, in any cloud. To advance its “any cloud” strategy, the company recently announced a major upgrade to its popular VMware™ vRealize™ cloud management platform (CMP), a control plane for managing a hybrid cloud environment.

VMware’s latest updates add new functionality to support three key enterprise customer initiatives. First, enterprise customers continue to adopt software-defined data centers (SDDC) even as they build out private clouds. New functionality includes increased VMware NSX™ and VMware vSAN™ capabilities to plan, manage, and scale SDDC with confidence. Second, customers are increasingly adopting a multi-cloud strategy — 67 percent of VMware’s enterprise customers see a multi-cloud environment as the ideal end state. With this release, VMware continues to build out multi-cloud functionality for Amazon Web Services™ (AWS) and Microsoft Azure™.

The VMware’s CMP vRealize Suite enables customers to manage and provision at scaleincluding compute, network, storage, and application services across hybrid cloud environments. The platform’s comprehensive management capabilities for the software-defined data center and across multiple clouds help customers implement intelligent operations, automate IT, or deliver DevOps-Ready IT.

Advancing Intelligent Operations

The comprehensive updates to VMware vRealize, which typically happen twice a year, focus on strengthening support for both public and private clouds. VMware vRealize introduces major new intelligence to workload placement decisions to automate workload balancing across clusters and datastores, based on business goals. Adding to its broad support for AWS, VMware vRealize now includes improved support for Microsoft Azure and better integration with other VMware products, including the addition of “Day 2 operations” integration for VMware NSX and VMware vSAN.

“Typically, implementing intelligent operations is the first step a company takes toward digital transformation,” says Ajay Singh, senior vice president and general manager of VMware’s cloud management business unit. “Being able to intelligently place workloads delivers numerous benefits. For example, intelligent operations allow more workloads to run on less hardware, which unlocks efficiencies and lowers total cost of ownership. It prevents problems, too, by combining analytics from vRealize Operations™ with vSphere DRS™ to identify anomalies, proactively move workloads, and fix problems before contention occurs.”

Automating IT and DevOps-Ready IT

Companies that adopt intelligent operations save money through efficiencies. The next step toward digital transformation is IT automation.

“The updates to VMware vRealize help businesses modernize by enabling IT to become much more responsive to business needs,” says Singh. “Take provisioning, for instance. We’ve seen customers go from a weeks-long provisioning process to a minutes-long process. That not only saves money and frees up resources, but also makes the company that much more agile.”

DevOps-Ready IT refers to the next level of automation and efficiency enabled by VMware’s vRealize. Organizations that have adopted intelligent operations and automated IT can further accelerate business agility by enabling IT teams to better support the needs of developers.

“The nature of competition has shifted from the physical world to the digital world,” says Singh. “Today, instead of opening a new location, a bank might deploy a new app that gives it a competitive advantage. Empowering developers to create and deploy new apps as easily as possible is critical for business success. Delivering DevOps-Ready IT means giving developers everything they need to create apps in whatever way they prefer and condensing the process of development, testing, and deployment to make it as easy and fast as possible.”

The latest updates to VMware’s vRealize CMP empower developers by collapsing and simplifying complex tasks and through adding additional support for container management to enable customers to ease moving their containerized applications from dev-test to production.

Additionally, VMware is unveiling increased management support for configuration management tools that developers use and prefer, such as Puppet, to make them first-class citizens in vRealize Automation.   

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