VMware and Surgicorps International: Changing Lives Across the Globe

Uniting for Change

For the last ten years, AirWatch has been an industry leader in transforming enterprise mobility by helping organizations leverage mobile devices and apps to simplify and optimize processes and increase their end-user productivity. For the last 22 years, Surgicorps International has been changing lives by providing free surgical and medical care to patients around the globe who can’t afford or don’t have access to medical care.

Inspired by Surgicorp’s work, earlier this year, Andrew Berenato who serves as the Director of Strategic Alliances at AirWatch applied for a Kernel & Cache grant from the VMware Foundation. Through this unique grant program, VMware employees are enabled to propose a capacity-building project with a nonprofit. The employees contribute their time and unique technical talents, the Foundation provides financial support, and VMware donates its technology. Berenato’s project with Surgicorps was approved, and as a result, together they are digitizing patient forms for all five of Surgicorps’ medical trips this year. The nonprofit completed its first medical trip, to Bhutan, in April.

Berenato first had the opportunity to work with Surgicorps back in November of 2015, when he used his Service Learning time to accompany the group on a medical trip to Vietnam as a non-medical volunteer. Leading up to the trip, he worked with the Surgicorps team to figure out how he might be able to leverage the AirWatch solution in addition to iPads to improve their operational processes, deliver digital patient records, and enhance the patient experience that Surgicorps delivers each medical trip. Prior to arriving in Vietnam, Berenato acquired a couple of iPads and started a free trial with the ProntoForms solution. He then created a digital patient form that the Surgicorps team might be able to use to replace their paper forms and screening processes used at the time – and there began the group’s proof of concept (POC).

Continuing Innovation

After his first Service Learning trip to Vietnam last fall, Berenato was determined to get more involved and help deliver a fully mobile patient form and patient engagement experience to the Surgicorps team. He immediately met with the VMware Foundation team after arriving back to the states, and they were interested in exploring the possibilities. Through the Foundation’s Citizen Philanthropy approach to giving, VMware employees are encouraged to support the causes that matter most to them; therefore, the foundation urged Berenato to apply for the Kernel & Cache grant that could help deliver an integrated mobile experience to the Surgicorps team for 2016 and beyond. With the help of other team members at AirWatch, in conjunction with their partners at ProntoForms and critical input from Surgicorps, Berenato created a solution that would allow AirWatch to manage iPad Pro devices and deliver the ProntoForms app to all devices prior to Surgicorps’ first trip to Bhutan.

The Outcomes

Surgicorps has just completed its tenth trip to Bhutan, where the team provided life-changing surgeries to 70 patients from infants born with cleft lips and cleft palates to burn victims that needed reconstructive surgeries. “Our medical trips pose a number of challenges in countries, from language and communication to keeping track of patient forms, photos, and surgical notes. The mobile solutions from AirWatch coupled with the digital patient forms created using ProntoForms, streamlined our patient screening process and added a layer of security to the patient information we collect,” said Linda Esposto, Director of Operations and Programs at Surgicorps. “The iPads and apps delivered by AirWatch were so user-friendly that all our volunteers were up and running in no time and were able to provide a more engaging experience to their patients,” Esposto continued, “We serve areas of the world where there is no patient chart retention, and now we are able to share copies of all patient records with the local hospitals so they can better treat their patients in the future.”

Berenato is happy to report that his Foundation team completed its first trip with Surgicorps in 2016 and saw success along the way. Not only did the team identify areas of improvement, but it also helped to eliminate a cumbersome patient workflow to allow the Surgicorps team to focus on the main aspect of its work: the patient. The positive effects of the Surgicorps team extend far beyond the operating room. The impacts are not only felt by the individual patient, but also their families and their entire communities. Berenato and his team are very proud to be serving alongside Surgicorps, and they look forward to sharing more of this story in the future.