VMware’s AirWatch Helps ANZ Bank Reinvent Digital Banking

Headquartered in Melbourne, ANZ Banking Group (ANZ) is one of Australia’s largest companies with more than 50,000 people operating across Australia, New Zealand, America, the Asia Pacific region, Europe, and the Middle East. ANZ opened its first office in Sydney in 1835, and over the  past 180 years has been continuously evolving its business in response to changing customer expectations.

Customer Expectations Drive Business Mobility

After listening to its customers, ANZ decided to focus on delivering easier digital and mobile banking solutions. In order to deliver the new solutions effectively, the bank chose to take its digital banking experience directly to customers using Apple iPads.

ANZ chose VMware AirWatch to securely manage its fleet of mobile devices—more than 18,000 across 34 countries—which included both the new iPads and also company-issued mobile devices. Additionally, the bank developed more than 20 custom mobile apps using the AirWatch software development kit (SDK). Together, these VMware solutions helped ANZ reimagine the banking experience.

“Developing and deploying solutions like that was relatively new for ANZ,” says Gordon Rennie, ANZ’s innovation director for wealth, Australia. “AirWatch was a critical infrastructure component that allowed us to connect multiple systems and deploy them via the iPad.”

Watch the video to hear directly from ANZ about what drove the bank to this digital transformation, then read on to understand the full impact of VMware’s business mobility solutions on ANZ and its customers.

Digital Banking Made Personal

Today, instead of waiting in line at the bank, ANZ customers can make digital appointments. Upon arriving at the bank, customers sign in on an AirWatch-managed iPad and let the bank know what kind of transaction or information they need.

“Our front-line bankers in the commercial space have reported increased productivity, being able to see more customers as a result of that productivity, and better sharing of information with their customers after appointments,” says Claire Rogers, head of digital banking at ANZ.

ANZ bankers also use AirWatch-managed iPads to meet their customers in convenient locations inside or outside the bank. When customers can view, edit, and even finalize and sign deals on iPads, they are better able to understand the bank’s offerings and advice. ANZ discovered that customers are more inclined to trust financial recommendations when they are presented digitally, where customers can customize and edit their options.

Leveraging solutions from VMware has helped ANZ to meet customer expectations, realize efficiency gains, and reinvent its business.

“We’re in the business of delivering great customer experiences. There’re two ways to do that. One through our people and the other through technology—but the intersection of those two is really where the gold is. That’s where the transformation is happening, and we’re seeing enormous benefits,” says Rogers.

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