VMware’s Cloud Strategy: Connecting People to Any App and Service

Cloud is fundamentally reshaping the enterprise, leaving both disruption and opportunity in its wake. “Everywhere you look,” says VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger, “tech innovation is reshaping our expectations as new tech-driven models transform every aspect of business. Cloud lies at the heart of this transformation.”

But with the broad benefits of cloud come new levels of complexity, and nowhere is this felt more than in the most critical component of the modern enterprise: its applications.

The Core Challenge

Applications lie at the heart of business innovation. They are essential to growing the business, operating efficiently, and empowering employees to gain the greatest value from their work. It is an enterprise’s applications that reshape and differentiate the customer experience, and separate the winners from the losers in every industry. As a result, managing the current and future state of its application portfolio is crucial to an enterprise’s survival and success. But increasingly, organizations are challenged by the complexity of rapid digital transformation.

Applications that were built for the data center are migrating to the cloud. Networking operations that were defined for on-premises environments are now moving to hybrid models. And as more applications are built for cloud-native environments and architectures, organizations are struggling with managing, securing, and operating these applications in an increasingly complex and heterogeneous environment. “The core challenge for businesses today,” says Gelsinger, “is the ability to conquer complexity and innovate efficiently across a range of devices, applications, and clouds.”  

VMware’s Vision for Cloud

VMware has a perspective on this challenge.

“Our vision is simple,” says Gelsinger. “Empower people to access any app on any device, from any cloud, with intrinsic security ‘architected in’  across every layer.”

VMware’s cloud strategy focuses on conquering complexity while lowering risk. It is a multi-part strategy for cloud that rests on four pillars:

  1. Make private cloud easy.
  2. Form deep partnerships with major cloud providers.
  3. Expand the network of VMware Cloud Providers.
  4. Offer a portfolio of cloud services.

Make Private Cloud Easy

VMware Cloud Foundation™ (VCF) provides a unified cloud infrastructure for private and public cloud with a fully integrated offering that combines compute (VMware vSphere®), storage (VMware vSphere®), networking virtualization (VMware NSX®), and lifecycle automation (VMware SDDC Manager™).  As a completely unified software stack, VCF offers organizations the fastest path to private cloud along with a consistent infrastructure within VMware-based public clouds.

“Our vision is simple. Empower people to access any app on any device, from any cloud, with intrinsic security ‘architected in’ across every layer.”

Pat Gelsinger

Form Deep Partnerships With Major Cloud Providers

VMware Cloud™ on Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a breakthrough offering that brings together the leader in private cloud and the leader in public cloud for the benefit of VMware’s enterprise customers worldwide. With a full VMware environment operating inside the world-class AWS cloud, customers have access to the best environment for running existing applications, and for building and running new cloud-native apps.

Helping to make the transition to working across public cloud even easier, VMware Cloud on AWS allows organizations to manage the new public cloud with the same VMware infrastructure and tools they use for their VMware private cloud. It delivers the flexibility organizations need to suit their business needs by supplying workload portability and operational consistency across their on-premises infrastructure and AWS cloud. Available now, VMware Cloud on AWS seamlessly integrates private cloud and public cloud, creating what Gelsinger proudly calls, “the ultimate hybrid cloud.”

Other examples of this pillar include IBM. IBM is delivering VCF as a service, allowing organizations to accelerate their cloud adoption without changing their existing tool sets or processes. IBM is one of VMware’s Cloud Certified partners; others include OVH, Fujitsu, Rackspace, and CenturyLink.

VMware Pivotal Container Service™ (PKS) reinforces the strategy still further. The product of a partnership among Google, Pivotal, and VMware, PKS provides production-ready Kubernetes for cloud-native development.

Expand the VMware Cloud Partner Network

VMware Cloud™ provides consistent infrastructure across more than 4,000 cloud providers operating in over 100 countries worldwide. As part of the VMware Cloud Provider Program, these cloud providers also offer unique services, capabilities, and expertise—from application-level expertise to knowledge in specific vertical industries. The broad geographic footprint means that enterprises can work with cloud providers in specific regions and countries to deliver the highest performance services and protect data sovereignty.

Offer a Portfolio of Cloud Services

VMware offers a broad portfolio of cloud services that provide operational consistency across any cloud. Leveraging diverse clouds provides enterprises with flexibility and increased agility. But this often leads to increased complexity and risk to an organization. Diverse security policies, user policies, or management environments threaten IT efficiency or, even worse, threaten the security of intellectual property and customer data. VMware Cloud Services™ provide consistent visibility, operations, automation, security, and governance across diverse cloud environments through SaaS services for such capabilities as cloud usage, costs, and network optimization.

A Customer-Centric Vision

VMware’s vision for cloud is what organizations really want from a unified, multi-cloud environment: the ability to securely and efficiently work across any cloud with flexibility and choice. VMware’s cloud products and infrastructure solutions empower people and their organizations to access any app on any device from any cloud with intrinsic security “architected in” across every layer.

“That is our goal,” concludes Gelsinger, “connecting people to apps and services.” And VMware’s vision for cloud makes it happen.