VMware’s Jean-Pierre Brulard Talks VMworld 2015 Europe, EMEA Opportunities

VMworld 2015 Europe (http://www.vmworld.com/en/europe) has come to a close. VMware’s Jean-Pierre Brulard shares his take on VMware in Europe and what’s next.

As Senior Vice President (SVP) & General Manager (GM), Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), Brulard is responsible for strategic planning, business operations, go-to-market strategy, and management of VMware’s business in EMEA.

Recognizing that VMware’s One Cloud, Any Application, Any Device approach is slightly different from the ‘one product, one channel’ approach of the past, Brulard is driving the new go-to-market strategy which includes:

  • Expanding geographic focus while clarifying industry and enterprise/SME account management
  • Growing consulting services
  • Increased partnering (and the education to support it) as demonstrated with AirWatch and through network business partner managers

We got a  chance to catch up with Jean-Pierre and ask a couple of questions about his approach and perspective:

Q: As you have transitioned from your leadership role in southern EMEA to the regional lead overseeing all of EMEA, what are the areas of opportunity you are most excited about?

A: There are three key areas of opportunity, which I believe are integral to our success in EMEA: Network & Security, Unified Hybrid Cloud, and Business Mobility. These signify our second act and enable our customers to embrace digital transformation.

We recognise the need to help customers define what kind of IT environment they need and help them build it for today and tomorrow’s needs. We already have 400 professional consultants in EMEA and we’re planning to increase staff by 50% to around 600.

Internally, as part of our talent retention and development efforts, we’re striving to improve gender diversity. Today, 22% of the workforce is female. We created a committee a couple of years ago, called the VMwomen group, which is focused on female talent recruitment, retention, and development.

Q: What is the current temperature for IT in Europe? What are your favorite customer use cases? 

A: IT goals depend on what stages a given country or company is in terms of innovation and maturity. In Eastern Europe, which is an emerging market, IT solutions are primarily focused on cost savings and server consolidation. In places like Ireland and the UK, organizations are looking to embrace agility.

Globally, organisations need powerful IT to drive competitiveness. One of my favorite examples of companies embracing and leveraging cloud capabilities is the JOIN Experience. A startup carrier out of Luxembourg, JOIN, is offering IT and telco services as flexible bundles. A massively scalable infrastructure based on VMware’s SDDC and NSX lets JOIN sell to new customers with the mix they want—and provision them in under an hour.

There are, of course, many companies across EMEA putting VMware products to work, including Airbus, Novamedia, Bank Audi in Lebanon, Ducati Motor holdings, Libya Post, the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, and Akademiska Hus in Sweden. Their use cases span rapid provisioning for their customers, and managing large numbers of ecommerce websites, through multi-national manufacturing coordination, and by providing high-speed mobile-cloud and virtual-desktop environments.

Powerful IT allows companies to innovate like a start-up and deliver like an enterprise. They can fully engage customers and empower employees–all while protecting their data, brands, and reputation, and reducing costs.

Q: VMworld Europe just came to a close. What’s your favorite part about the show every year?

A: VMworld is not only a VMware event; it is an industry event, so I always look forward to all of our customers and partners coming together. This year was no exception.

VMworld offers an opportunity for knowledge and expertise sharing. The way in which attendees embrace this always impresses me.