Businesses Embrace NSX for the Win

Server and storage virtualization is a mainstay in business today, and increasingly, so is network virtualization. Enterprises of all sizes and across all industries are realizing the business impact of a virtual network, including Shutterfly, PNC Financial Services Group, and SugarCreek.   

“We have one of the biggest digital footprints for printing in the world,” says Jeremy Franzen, senior director of internet operations, Shutterfly. “That’s a lot of data, and the compute behind that data is massive. How are we going to solve this problem? We turn to virtualization.”

Security, Automation, Continuity

Arslan Munir, director of engineering and architecture at Shutterfly, says that VMware NSX fits the bill because of its integration, automation, and security capabilities. “It can make the private cloud journey a lot smoother from a customer perspective,” he notes.

Continuity is another integral benefit that NSX provides, and it’s particularly important in the financial services industry. “We have adopted software-defined networking as the primary strategy for all of our data centers,” says Victor Principe, SVP of engineering, PNC Financial Services Group. “We then can make our workloads fully portable across any of our data centers. When the regulatory environment allows, we can pick up those workloads and move them to whatever target facility we want. We don’t have to worry about changing the firewall rules because logically those things should move with the application.”

Even the food industry is on the digital edge. Today’s businesses survive based on their digital capabilities, and 50-year-old food manufacturer SugarCreek is no exception. “VMware has always been a significant part of our environment,” says Edward Rodden, chief information officer, SugarCreek. “And now the advent of the software-defined data center, specifically NSX, is really a security play. Having a secure, agile network is really key to the operation of our business.”

Watch the video to learn more about how network virtualization solutions provided by NSX support VMware customers’ strategic initiatives.