Introducing a New Era of Cloud Freedom and Control

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger opened VMworld 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada, by telling his audience that “a new era of cloud freedom and control is here.” Gelsinger used his keynote to introduce the VMware® Cross-Cloud Architecture. This is a game-changing new architecture that, as he says, “will enable customers to run, manage, connect, and secure applications across clouds and devices in a common operating environment.”

A Strategy for an All-Digital World

Gelsinger began his remarks by describing the progression from a world characterized by a mix of traditional and digital business operations to an all-digital world. “Today,” he said, “only 20 percent of businesses are leading this digital transformation.”

“The challenge for businesses worldwide, he added, is to choose which way they intend to make their own digital transformation.”


It is a trend that Gelsinger said was predicted 10 years ago by then-Google executive Eric Schmidt. “Data services and architecture should be on servers,” the audience saw Schmidt say on a video clip. “We call it cloud computing. They should be in a ‘cloud’ somewhere.”

And, as Gelsinger showed during his keynote, Schmidt’s prediction has come true. Growth in private and public cloud is growing exponentially, Gelsinger said, with the greatest growth in public cloud. By 2021, Gelsinger stated, half of all total global IT workloads will be in a mix of public and private clouds. Also by 2021, the number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices worldwide will triple that of PCs, tablets, and mobiles.

The enterprise will be challenged to manage and secure this growth. But adding to these challenges is the impact these trends are already having on the enterprise itself. Citing a new study from the Economist Intelligence Unit, sponsored by VMware, Gelsinger painted a picture of enterprise IT under stress from IT sprawl and complexity.


What business needs, stated Gelsinger, is technology that helps to successfully manage digital transformation by offering freedom and control of cloud resources. That solution, he announced, is here: VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture.

The Ultimate Hybrid Cloud Architecture

The VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture is rooted in VMware’s leadership in private and hybrid cloud. As Gelsinger explained, this new architecture extends VMware’s hybrid cloud strategy to enable visibility, security, and management of workloads running in large public clouds. By building on the core technologies of VMware’s software-defined data center (SDDC) approach—virtualized compute, storage, and networking—customers can embrace public clouds while taking advantage of the tooling and processes they use to manage on-premises workloads.

VMware’s new Cross-Cloud Architecture answers the big industry challenge of how to manage and secure workloads running in multiple clouds.

Much of VMware’s Cross-Cloud Architecture is available now, delivered through VMware’s new Cloud FoundationSDDC platform. In addition, VMware is previewing new Cross-Cloud Services for managing public cloud workloads.

Introducing VMware Cloud Foundation and VMware Cross-Cloud Services


VMware Cloud Foundation, Gelsinger explained, is a unified SDDC platform that makes it easy for customers to manage and run their SDDC clouds by simplifying the installation, updating, and lifecycle management of private cloud infrastructure.

Another way VMware is making it easy for customers to simplify management of their private cloud is by offering VMware Cloud Foundation “as a service” from service providers. This new offering will be available first through IBM.


Gelsinger then walked the audience through VMware Cross-Cloud Services.


“We recognize that in addition to your private clouds, most of you are using public clouds,” he said. “You need a better way to manage that collective whole.” These services, Gelsinger noted, give VMware customers the ability to manage, govern, and secure applications running in private and public clouds, including AWS and Microsoft Azure.

VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture

Gelsinger wrapped up his opening remarks by showing the audience how VMware Cloud Foundation and Cross-Cloud Services come together to form VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture.Slide65

“It’s an architecture,” Gelsinger concluded, “that allows customers to simplify and accelerate their digital transformation.” It is an architecture that responds directly to the biggest challenges customers face by offering simplicity, cloud freedom, and control.

Watch the video for highlights from Gelsinger’s VMworld 2016 keynote introducing VMware’s Cross-Cloud Architecture.